Jun 25, 2014 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Phantom Skull - Abalone Shell Mother of Pearl Carved Crystal Skull Sculpture

Jun 25, 2014 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Phantom Skull - Abalone Shell Mother of Pearl Carved Crystal Skull Sculpture

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Item ID:W4000170

Size:6.5"x2.9"x4.3"(166x74x108 mm)


Material:Abalone Shell

Phantom Skull is an abalone shell that has been polished to reveal the most beautiful of nature’s organic gems, Mother of Pearl. Now both the interior and the exterior of the shell display the amazing color play that can only come from this child of the sea. Abstract, yet like the sea in that it is truly beautiful when one looks beneath the surface, Phantom Skull captures the attention with unique features that one does not see at first glance. The longer one looks and the more open one is to seeing, the more details there are to notice, and there is no longer a hidden phantom.

Nacre, more commonly referred to as Mother of Pearl is a calcium carbonate inner shell lining of various species of molluscs, and is the same material used to form pearls. Abalone, a member of the gastropod branch of the mollusc phylum, is a sea snail that commonly produces smooth and lustrous nacre on the inner side of its shell. Nacre is composed of layers of microscopic twinned hexagonal aragonite crystals set in a brick like pattern. The abalone adheres these layers together with elastic biopolymers creating a remarkably strong and resilient structure that allows the crystal tiles to slide instead of shatter when impacted, with the biopolymer dispersing and absorbing the force of the blow. Abalone shells have been studied by material scientists for may years in the hopes of producing stronger ceramic products.

Abalones feed on algae that grow on rock surfaces, blending with the surroundings quite well due to the same algae making its home on the outer surface of their shells. The abalone is exceptionally strong and survives predators because of its ability to hold fast to rock surfaces, because it's hard to see, and because its shell is so difficult to break.

Mother of Pearl, being associated with the ocean, promotes peace and relaxation, stimulates the senses bringing love, gentleness, comfort and reassurance, happiness and contentment, and consolation and compassion to the environment and those near it. It is useful in communicating with, and understanding, plants and animals. Mother of Pearl is considered to bring fortune, good luck, and happiness, and is often gifted to friends and loved ones specifically for this purpose.

Mother of Pearl is exceptionally helpful for bringing calm and soothing energy to situations that create a state of heightened emotional activity, reducing stress and anxiety by providing a sense of safety and reassurance. It is used to promote clear communication of thoughts and feelings, and encourages cooperation, bringing harmony to all forms of relationships. It is a gem of family and is especially associated with mothers.

Abalone helps to activate psychic abilities, intuition, creative thinking, and imagination. It is beneficial for discovering positive solutions when problem solving and allows one to experience and accept change calmly, giving one the capacity to be flexible and adaptable with assurance that what comes after will be beautiful, appreciated, and welcomed.

Abalone helps to stabilized the body, bringing strength and grounding energy. It benefits the heart, muscle tissues, and the immune and skeletal systems, and can be used for bringing ideal health to the circulatory systems and the blood. Abalone also aids in digestion and the absorption and assimilation of nutrients. It has been used to treat arthritis and joint disorders, allergies, skin disorders, irritations and rashes.

Aragonite is used for centering oneself for the purpose of healing work and meditation. It enhances energy levels and communication, especially between the physical and the spiritual realms, thereby enhancing prayers, strengthening the connection with the spiritual to allow for greater understanding and receiving of information.

Aragonite is used to protect from, and reduce, anger and stress by assisting one to practice patience and non-judgment. It is also effective for reducing stress in, and helping bring calm to, animals that are or have experienced trauma.

Aragonite promotes discipline and self reliance, self worth, and self confidence, also allowing others to experience dependability. It assists in calming and clearing the mind, provides insight and energy which assist in finding solutions to challenges, and teaches one to think before taking action, reducing tendencies of excessiveness and impulsiveness. By eliciting philosophical and thoughtful contemplation, aragonite enables one to approach daily life with an open heart and mind. Aragonite can also be used to help access past life information.

Physically aragonite has been used for providing energy to the body and exerting positive influences on the nervous system, heart, and brain. It has been used to bring energy to those who experience chronic fatigue. It has been used for skin disorders, utilizing calcium to assist the skeletal structure, mending broken bones, and bringing relief to spinal pain. Aragonite strengthens the connection between the body and the Earth, and is used to bring warmth to chilled areas of the body that may be caused by cold or flu.

Shells provide a connection to the water element and the moon, and so to the emotions. Shells enhance intuition and sensitivity providing mental clarity and insight to assist with decision making. Shells possess a pliant, easy healing energy that gradually increases in intensity to become quite powerful and effective. This characteristic is effective not only for healing, but also for conveying messages within one's self, between people and in groups, and with the spiritual planes. Shells are wonderful tools for manifestation and transformation. They can provide one with the ability to adapt to changes and increase one's spiritual power to bring happiness, prosperity, and fulfillment, and allow for the expression of one's imagination and creativity. Shells are naturally inclined to provide protection for the home, travelers, small children and pets, from uncooperative attitudes and actions of the self and others, and protection for the emotions. Shells can be used to enhance energies and to assist one in meditation, decision making, and in exploring alternate realms of existence. Shells encourage cooperation and cohesion for groups, for individuals, and for the self.

Shell can be used for skeletal issues, healing broken bones, proper utilization of calcium and vitamins A and D, and bringing optimal health to the spinal canal, brain, and the blood, lymphatic, immune, and nervous systems.

NOTE: Skullis offers information for reference. Skullis does not prescribe treatment for medical issues.

Abalone ShellAbalone Shell

ORIGIN: China HARDNESS: 3-3.5 NATURAL: 100% natural
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  1. Abalone Shell Crystal Skull Sculpture

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  19. Abalone Shell Crystal Skull Sculpture

  20. Abalone Shell Crystal Skull Sculpture

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