Skull Brooches

Skullis is acknowledged as the leader offering gemstone & crystal skull jewelry.Beauty, uniqueness and creativity is what we are pursing on our skull brooches.

Amethyst & 925 Sterling Silver Carved Crystal Skull Brooch, Skull Jewelry
Red Jasper Carved Crystal Skull Brooch
Red Jasper & 925 Sterling Silver Carved Crystal Skull Brooch and 925 Sterling Silver Chain

Although Skullis has access to over 400 types of gemstones and crystals from around the globe, only a limited selection of these materials may be used in our skull jewelry. This is primarily because not all gemstones and crystals are durable enough to be used in small, finely detailed pieces. Others may be strong, but lack the requisite beauty.

Skullis is a subsidiary company of Rikoo. Rikoo shares all the gemstones with Skullis. We maintains a stock of over 400 types of beautiful minerals, including nearly all the notable crystals and gemstones in the world: amethyst, citrine, ametrine, rose quartz, smokey quartz, rutilated quartz, clear rock crystal, tourmaline, topaz, garnet, aquamarine, ruby, coral, onyx, amber, turquoise, lapis, jade, emerald, opal, geode, pyrite, malachite, carnelian, chalcedony, agate, jasper, corundum, sugilite, obsidian, rhodochrosite, larima, moonstone, labradorite, bloodstone, tiger's eye, ammolite, fluorite, hematite, and many, many more. Because of our large stock, and exclusive relationships with mineral/stone suppliers worldwide, we are unrivaled in quality with certain types of stones, Tiger's Eye and Pietersite, for example. At Rikoo we have people whose only job is searching for these stones worldwide. We even have our own purchasing agents in Brazil, South Africa, Australia and Madagascar, which have rich mineral mines.

Utilizing our years of gemstone and crystal lapidary experience, we are able to determine which (out of a truly enormous assortment of gemstones and crystals) are best for making this kind of stone jewelry. We also know where to find the best quality and type of materials.

Why should you own Skullis jewelry?

1) All or mainly gemstone featured jewelry. Gemstones are the most beautiful items in this world. Nearly everyone wants to own a gemstone. You may have seen the gemstones inlayed, settled or wired by precious metals (e.g. sterling silver, gold and platinum), but rarely, if ever, will you see jewelry made solely using gemstones. Skullis is devoted to creating such spectacular and rare jewelry. We spend considerable time and effort selecting the choicest stones for our jewelry, taking great care to match the stone to the exquisite style to be carved from it.

2) Our finely hand-carved skulls. Skullis is the world leader of carving crystal and gemstone skulls. None can rival us in this area. Skullis offers the finest crystal and gemstone carved skulls to be found anywhere. Our artists have years of experience carving the skulls, and deftly choose the most appropriate stones (in terms of structure and beauty) for the different types of skull carvings we offer; be it a ring, pendant, pair of earrings, etc.

3) Our goal is to make only jewelry that when seen makes one say, "Wow!". We try our best to make the jewelry gorgeous, unique and creative. Our all gemstone carved or mainly-gemstone made (sometimes assisted by precious metals for the ring bands or the pendant hooks) jewelry will surely make you stand out in a crowd. Once we've settled on a prospective design, our Sample Studio artists will carve out the preliminary design within a few days. Upon completion, we try out the design ourselves, wearing the pieces to ensure proper fit, comfort, and to gauge the appeal of the design from the reactions of those who see it.

From what we learn on these preliminary pieces, the designer will refine anything that needs improvement, be it the beauty of the design itself, the type of stone used, or simple adjustments to improve the comfort of wearing the piece. Until we are completely satisfied with a design, we will not offer it for sale. All of our jewelry goes through such a rigorous selection process to ensure that you receive only the best possible jewelry both in terms of materials and design.

Enjoy the skull brooches.


STYLE INDEX OF Skull Brooches

* NOTE: Skull Brooches made from different materials but having the same type of carving design are listed as 1 style.