Aug 25, 2014 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Spirit Guide - Black Obsidian with New White Jade Jaw Carved Crystal Skull Sculpture

Aug 25, 2014 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Spirit Guide - Black Obsidian with New White Jade Jaw Carved Crystal Skull Sculpture

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Size:5.1"x3.4"x3.9" (129x86x100 mm) 4.3 "x3.4"x3.7" (109x86x95 mm) 2.4"x2.7"x1.4" (61x69x36 mm)


Material:Black Obsidian with New White Jade Jaw

Spirit Guide is a black obsidian crystal skull with a separate white jade jaw that fits perfectly under the skull. Skullis artists have skillfully carved this Super Realistic design crystal skull with meticulously intricate details, presenting this finished work of art as an outstanding example of the talent and dedication that Skullis has become famous for. A very unique and original crystal skull, Spirit Guide will definitely attract notice. It is a fascinating sculpture that draws one in, commanding all of one’s attention and focus.
Spirit Guide facilitates the emotional, mental, and spiritual journeying and seeking processes, providing protective energy and a focus to concentration for these endeavors. It assists with the receiving of information and knowledge from the spiritual realms, helping the quiet mind to understand what is learned, and should be considered an excellent tool for developing clairaudient abilities. Spirit Guide has a sophisticated, yet fun energy and with the right imagination and frame of mind, can be quite talkative if you have both hands free! A stark contrast in colors, yet a smooth blending in metaphysical properties of the stones, Spirit Guide is a very energetic crystal skull.
Black obsidian has been used for scrying and facilitating intuition for thousands of years. It is an excellent stone to assist in seeing past illusion to discern truth, and to understand oneself and universal and spiritual laws. Obsidian is considered an extremely effective stone of protection, and a very powerful energy mover, as well as an excellent filter for absorbing negativity from its surroundings. Obsidian can be programmed to transmute this negativity to a different expression of energy, or can be cleansed regularly by smudging with smoke, washing with running water, associating it with other crystals, and more methods.
Obsidian is effective for removal of blockages and bringing courage to face and overcome fears. Black obsidian is commonly considered to be quite powerful and caution is recommended when using it. It is wise to be prepared for the speed of the transfer of energy and information. Conscious programming prior to use is one way to address this quality of black obsidian. One explanation for the excessive power of obsidian could be the elemental forces at work during its formation. Volcanic lava, Earth and Fire, join with Water to cool the material so quickly there is no time for crystallization.
Black obsidian possesses an excellent grounding energy, and assists one to find and maintain a clear and focused mental acuity. It can help to temper emotional reactions and bring balance and consideration to one’s life and mental processes. It protects against negativity and assists one to release disharmony, resentment of self and others, and anger and fear caused by one’s reactions to the situations and challenges they face as a part of life.
Physically black obsidian is used for pain relief and detoxifying the body. It speeds healing of wounds, improves circulation and brings warmth to the extremities, assists in helping aid the digestion process, helps reduce cravings for foods, and can be helpful for reducing an enlarged prostate.
Jade promotes courage, mercy, justice, and humility. It also inspires peace, harmony, devotion and faithfulness, love, and generosity. Jade helps one to actualize one's inner potential and to commit to achieving one's ambitions and purpose.
Jade is a stone that increases wisdom and intellectual thinking. It brings balance to the emotions and peace and calm to the mind, expelling negative thoughts and energies. Jade teaches one to be humble and respectful of all people and things, including oneself. Jade assists one in understanding others and their needs. It helps one to find wisdom when considering challenges and problems, and to prioritize and incorporate one's desires with one's requirements in accordance to what is most relevant to one's well being. Jade promotes one's confidence in oneself, encouraging independence through self reliance and self sufficiency.
Jade helps to teach one to appreciate one's ideals and to bring one's dreams, visions, and aspirations into reality, helping one to understand that there are no limits and therefore all things are possible, inspiring the ambition to achieve one's objectives.
Jade is a stone of dreams, assisting with recall and interpretation when using dreams to determine resolutions to problems and challenges. Placing a piece of jade under a pillow before sleeping encourages the freeing of hidden and repressed emotions through dreaming.
Jade provides protection, keeping one out of harm's way. It grounds and strengthens one's connection to the Earth and the physical body.
Jade is a stone of health, longevity, prosperity, and vitalizing energy, lending stamina and endurance to the body. Jade promotes a healthy heart, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Jade has a gentle and steady healing energy, aiding to treat issues of the lungs, heart, thymus, spleen, immune system, and nervous system. It gives energy toward the proper function of the body's various filtering systems and helps to remove toxins from the blood and kidneys. As an elixir jade is used to relieve irritation from the skin and bring a smooth and healthy appearance to the skin and hair.
White jade helps to disregard distractions and maintain one’s focus, and is used to treat issues related to vision and the eyes.
Jade is used to connect with the spiritual realities, and is considered to bring a long and rewarding life and provide a serene transition from the physical existence back to the spiritual existence at the time of physical death.
Jade has been considered sacred and has been revered by many cultures for centuries, including the ancient Chinese and Mayan cultures. Jade facilitates the connection with, and understanding of, the dreamtime of the ancient Mayans, and enhances the reception of information needed to perform the ceremonies related to this subject.
Mayan beliefs held that jade brought harmony and peace not only to the physical world, but also to the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of a person. Jade was also considered to bring mutual understanding with the environment, to alter negative energy to productive positivity, and to inspire ingenuity.
In Feng Shui jade is used to encourage prosperity, happiness, and a long healthy life. It is placed in the Center area for balance and harmony, in the Northeast for wisdom, and in the Southwest two stones are used for partnership and love.
NOTE: Skullis does not prescribe treatment for medical issues. Skullis offers information for reference to assist with the selection and understanding of crystal skulls, including this black obsidian with white jade jaw crystal skull sculpture.

Black Obsidian with New White Jade Jaw Black Obsidian with New White Jade JawBlack Obsidian with New White Jade Jaw

ORIGIN: United States HARDNESS: 5.2 NATURAL: 100% natural
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  1. Black Obsidian with New White Jade Jaw Crystal Skull Sculpture

  2. Black Obsidian with New White Jade Jaw Crystal Skull Sculpture

  3. Black Obsidian with New White Jade Jaw Crystal Skull Sculpture

  4. Black Obsidian with New White Jade Jaw Crystal Skull Sculpture

  5. Black Obsidian with New White Jade Jaw Crystal Skull Sculpture

  6. Black Obsidian with New White Jade Jaw Crystal Skull Sculpture

  7. Black Obsidian with New White Jade Jaw Crystal Skull Sculpture

  8. Black Obsidian with New White Jade Jaw Crystal Skull Sculpture

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