Apr 7, 2015 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - The Mystic Fortune Teller - Vanadinite Crystals Carved Crystal Skull with Feather and Lapis Lazuli Cabochon Sculpture

Apr 7, 2015 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - The Mystic Fortune Teller - Vanadinite Crystals Carved Crystal Skull with Feather and Lapis Lazuli Cabochon Sculpture

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Item ID:W0000083

Size:5.1"x4.0"x7.1"(130x102x180 mm)


Material:Vanadinite Crystals

The Mystic Fortune Teller is a striking work of art featuring an impeccable carving of a beautiful crystal skull. The Mystic Fortune Teller crystal skull wears a helmet-like headdress adorned with a peacock style feather with a high quality lapis lazuli cabochon ocellus. The Mystic Fortune Teller is carved from a mineral specimen which displays sparkling drusy fields of opaque orange and translucent red hexagonal vanadinite crystals from Morocco. The Mystic Fortune Teller vanadinite crystal skull with feather and lapis lazuli cabochon is an exquisite sculpture measuring 5.1 x 4.0 x 7.1 inches (130x102x180mm) with a weight of 4.3 pounds (1941g).

The Mystic Fortune Teller crystal skull has a stately, yet gracious presence, bring a tangible sense of energetic power and potential. The Mystic Fortune Teller encourages each of us to begin to actively pursue the development of our intuitive and psychic talents. By inspiring us to action, and assisting us to create a safe and peaceful working environment and attitude, The Mystic Fortune Teller crystal skull helps us to begin to discover that as spiritual beings we are capable of manifesting and creating everything we require in our lives.

The Mystic Fortune Teller crystal skull offers reassurance to those who suppress their talents due to the very understandable fear of the unknown which can accompany what are often powerful and intense experiences. The Mystic Fortune Teller helps us to understand that when our motivations are based in a loving approach to achieving the highest good, spiritual growth, and enlightenment for all who are involved, there will not be any negativity resulting from our psychic exercises, our magical pursuits, and our consciously directed energetic work.

The Mystic Fortune Teller vanadinite crystal skull with feather and lapis lazuli cabochon sculpture represents our ability to connect with, and express ourselves in our daily lives as, the higher universal consciousness which every thing, every person, and every life is a unique part of.

Along with the aspects of travel, truth, speed, flight, and Lightness, feathers symbolize higher thought, ascension, spiritual growth, and evolution. Feathers represent prayer, communication with Spirit, and wisdom, and the Native American Indians consider feathers to be symbolic of the power of the thunder gods, of the air, and of the wind. Native American Plains Indians considered feathered headdresses to be highly spiritual and magical, and they were worn to protect the wearer from injury and harm. One would have to earn the feathers of a headdress through acts of bravery and good deeds for the community, each feather representing one deed.

As a Celtic symbol the feather again represents the knowledge of the spiritual realm, and feathers were used to invoke the sky gods to allow passage from the physical realm to the ethereal realm.

Egyptians also held the belief that feathers were symbolic of the gods of the sky, and after death the soul of a person would be weighed and compared to the weight of a feather to determine its worthiness.

In Christianity feathers have represented virtues, particularly three feathers together symbolized charity, hope, and faith, and a ring with a signet of three feathers was worn to symbolize a virtuous soul.

Feathers are considered to convey the message to continue on the spiritual path one is on, and can also be a sign to encourage one to remember to laugh. Feathers indicate that, instead of taking things so seriously all the time, one needs to lighten up and find joy in one’s situation. Feathers also are symbols of progression, divinity, enlightenment, and heightened awareness.

Vanadinite brings structure and organization, assisting one by motivating and energizing one to work toward accomplishing one's ambitions and intentions.

Vanadinite promotes mental acuity and clarity, encouraging practical and rational thought processes. It helps one to explore and develop one's psychic skills and enhances the understanding of the relative dynamics, and use, of these innate abilities which all people possess.

Vanadinite facilitates the process of eliminating distractions and promotes circular breathing, enhancing the entering of a mentally relaxed and quiet state which is conducive to meditation.

Vanadinite also promotes responsible and practical management of one's physical and financial resources.

Vanadinite acts to clear the body of negativity and discordant energies, connecting one to the universal source energy which also clears and activates the chakral system, encouraging tranquility and loving unity within one at the spiritual level.

Vanadinite also helps one to experience and express one's perfect state of being and harmonizes all of one's aspects, including the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies. This unification brings healing energy to the physical body and promotes the optimal state of physical health.

Vanadinite can be used to regulate and harmonize the cellular structure of the body, and has been used to treat asthma, congestion in the lungs, and other breathing disorders, as well as issues affecting the bladder. Vanadinite is also used to bring vitality and rejuvenate the body to eliminate exhaustion and fatigue.

Lapis is composed of lazurite, white calcite, and pyrite. The properties of calcite and pyrite also apply when lapis lazuli is included with these minerals.

Lapis enables one to connect to, and comprehend, arcane and mystical knowledge pertaining to the celestial heavens, as well as ancient planetary knowledge. It facilitates the connection between the physical world, the stars, and alternate dimensions. Lapis lazuli, a stone of communication, encourages the sharing of knowledge on all levels, and aids in information being clearly conveyed and assessed. It symbolizes wisdom and the aspects of occult practices and beliefs, including religions, spirituality, and magical practices, and also represents all secret and mystical knowledge.

Lapis activates and vitalizes the third eye and throat chakras, and can clear and align all of the chakras, helping one to become the ideal expression of oneself that is one's potential.

It extends and increases one's consciousness and mental activity, enabling one to connect to, and utilize, one's natural talents of intuition and psychic capabilities. It assists one to remain impartial and unbiased to information received through these abilities, and inspires the wisdom to understand and accept what is learned.

Lapis helps one to let go of emotional baggage and accepted expectations that hinder one's ability to experience the free release and expression of emotions. It helps to prevent emotional energy being bottled up and becoming physically and mentally detrimental. Lapis encourages clarity and stamina of thoughts and attitudes, and helps one to let go of negative emotional energies to ensure an optimism that promotes physical health and well being.

Lapis helps one connect with all forms of creative expression and encourages conscious enlightenment which allows for understanding and achieving one's divine potential. Lapis can be used to determine the most effective methods of finding one's way toward the reunification with the universal whole, encouraging one to adopt the necessary attitudes and beliefs and perform the actions required to attain such enlightenment.

Lapis is effective for dream study and interpretation, helping one to understand messages in one's dreams and to connect with the teaching and guiding energies within one's dreams.

Lapis encourages the optimal state of well being in one's emotional, mental, and physical aspects, giving one strength to work to achieve universal wisdom. It also helps one to regulate one's activities and bring order to one's daily life. It aids in the process of moving past depression and issues of low self esteem, bringing one to a place of mental peace and encouraging a positive mental attitude by helping one to identify oneself as important, good, and worthy of one's own approval and love.

Lapis brings an energy of joy and happiness, and facilitates harmony and contentment in relationships. It joins and brings the masculine and feminine characteristics into balance, balances the Yin and Yang energies, and encourages mental, emotional, and spiritual stability and comfort during all experiences.

Lapis provides protection from physical harm, accidents, attacks, and peril. It is used to treat hearing loss and issues of the Eustachian tubes, DNA and RNA damage, and other disorders by facilitating cellular regeneration. It is effective for treating disorders related to the immune system, bone marrow, throat, nervous system, pituitary gland, lymphatic system, MS, speech, hearing, inflammation, and the thymus. It is effective when used to reduce pain (especially in the head). It is also used to ameliorate and heal a wide variety of issues such as anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, autism, shyness, depression, and self-acceptance. It is beneficial to the respiratory system, especially the throat and lungs, the cleansing organs, and the nervous system, and is a good stone for blood purification and for boosting the immune system.

NOTE: Skullis does not prescribe treatment for medical issues. Skullis offers information for reference to assist with the selection and understanding of crystal skulls, including this vanadinite crystal with feather and lapis lazuli cabochon crystal skull sculpture.

Vanadinite Crystals Vanadinite CrystalsVanadinite Crystals

ORIGIN: Morocco HARDNESS: 3 NATURAL: 100% natural
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