Apr 1, 2015 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Ascension from Illusion - Quartz Crystal Cluster Carved Crystal Skull and Snakes with Ruby Eyes and Red Coral Tongue Sculpture

Apr 1, 2015 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Ascension from Illusion - Quartz Crystal Cluster Carved Crystal Skull and Snakes with Ruby Eyes and Red Coral Tongue Sculpture

US $28,900

Item ID:C4000001

Size:8.5"x8.9"x12.2" (215x225x310 mm)


Material:Quartz Crystal Cluster

Ascension from Illusion is a large and solid sculpture carved from a quartz crystal cluster specimen from Madagascar. The Ascension from Illusion crystal skull rests on a carved skeletal hand under the chin, being completely at ease with its close companions. Faceted ruby eyes, carved coral tongues, and intricately carved details bring two serpents to life as one explores above the crystal skull while the cobra on the side of the skull presents a partially opened hooded display. Covering the back of the sculpture is a massive expanse of perfect, water clear quartz crystal clusters which capture and reflect the light from the myriad of crystal terminations. The Ascension from Illusion quartz crystal cluster carved crystal skull and snakes with ruby eyes and pink coral tongues sculpture measures 8.5 x 8.9 x 12.2 inches (215x225x310mm) and weighs 28.0 pounds (12720g).

The Ascension from Illusion crystal skull and snakes sculpture stimulates our sense of discernment and practicality, empowering us to be willing to perceive the reality of the events and situations we are involved in. By trusting in our intuitive perceptions and feelings, and following the guidance of our hearts, we are able to exceed the boundaries created by superficiality and experience communication and interaction founded in love, honesty, and benevolence for all people.

The Ascension from Illusion crystal skull leads each of us to discover our good fortune through positivity and thoughtful consideration of our own needs, and those of others as well. The Ascension from Illusion crystal skull inspires us to endeavor to achieve the goals we set for ourselves with determination and perseverance, helping us to avoid distraction and remain focused on the rewards and benefits we hope to gain from our efforts.

The Ascension from Illusion crystal skull inspires us to always respond to people and events with patience, with nonresistance, and with a positive perspective. In doing this, we are able to be at peace while accepting the challenges we are presented with, and we can actually find value and enjoyment in overcoming what may have previously been perceived as obstacles and limitations.

The serpent is a symbol of royalty and power, wisdom, health, wealth, primordial life force, and the search for balance. As a symbol of duality, the serpent also represents lust, greed, and temptation. The snake represents the assertive power of masculinity as well as the nurturing, mothering power of creation, this often being depicted as a serpent encircling the earth. The snake has been a symbol of secret knowledge, cunning, rebirth and renewal, and transformation. The snake's tendency to withdraw in colder weather, and return again at the call of the sun, has given it the associations of connecting to shadow worlds and of moving in synchronization with natural forces. Snakes also symbolize water, emotion, love, benevolence, loving harmony between the physical and the ethereal, the kundalini spiritual energy within the body, balance, equanimity, union, and rejuvenation and regeneration. Snakes can be considered to be a representation of being impulsive while also being careful to consider the outcome of one’s actions.

Quartz is considered to be a source of Light, and has been named the Perfect Jewel. Referred to by some as the “supreme gift of Mother Earth,” it is considered a master healer. Almost every culture throughout history has believed quartz to be a sacred and magical source of power. Aboriginal tribes of Australia and South America share their creation myth of the cosmic serpent being led and guided by a quartz crystal. Indigenous people of North America and Burma believed quartz crystals to be living entities and ritually offered them gifts of food, some believing the crystal had great power to aid in divining and hunting. Central and South American cultures revered quartz crystals carved into the shapes of human skulls as powerful religious objects where deceased ancestors and gods resided.

Quartz is considered to have been a key element in both the rise and fall of the cultures of Atlantis and Lemuria. It has been used by almost every culture for many purposes, including divination, bringing rain, enhancing magical powers, lighting sacrificial fires, as status symbol of high rank and royalty, and for prevention and treatment of dis-ease.

Even in the modern world quartz continues to occupy integral roles of our everyday lives, including the device you are using now. And it was with a quartz crystal that Sir Isaac Newton discovered the color spectrum of visible light, created as the crystal refracted sunlight shining through it.

Quartz symbolizes sacred fire, purity, and the infinity of space, patience, and perseverance. Quartz instills harmony and purpose. As it does with the technologies it is used in, quartz amplifies energy, accepts programming, and holds memory, making it the most diversely useful stone for healing, meditation, expanding consciousness, spiritual communication, past and future life recall, and any other desired application. Quartz exemplifies the concept of the saying “With God, all things are possible,” in the sense that when one comes from a position of unconditional love and acts according to the highest good of all involved, one can achieve any desired outcome.

Quartz excels at harmonizing and increasing the energies of other stones, and working to fuse the energies of multiple sources into a cohesive focus, making it ideal for wands, staffs, gridding, and the like. Quartz enhances and disperses light energies in all directions, filling an environment with positive energies that remove negativity, protect the aura, and cancel the harmful effects of radiation and radioactivity. Ancient priests used clear quartz to nullify negative energy, dissolve enchantments and spells, and abolish all black magic.

Emotionally quartz enhances the body’s internal structure and surrounding subtle bodies to further connect the physical body with the mind. Quartz replaces any negativity found within with positive thoughts and feelings. Quartz enhances one’s perceptions of the world, increasing consciousness and clear thinking, and gives enhanced energy, dedication, endurance, composure, and patience, bringing the lesson of being loving and finding joy in peaceful coexistence. Clear quartz brings strength and clarity to the mind, boosting concentration and memory while filtering distractions. It is helpful in finding sleep, and helps with the interpretation of messages and lessons experienced in one’s dreams.

Spiritually, quartz crystals are considered to be unique and individual, each with their own personalities and lessons to share. For many people, quartz crystals are the first crystals they find themselves attracted to and in communication with. Many people find quartz crystals to be invaluable tools and companions in their lives. Working with quartz crystals enhances one’s personal growth and consciousness, light, and positive energy during their experiences of thoughts, actions, feelings, and encountered situations. Quartz is considered to connect the physical and spiritual dimensions, intensifying communication with the Divine, and other-worldly masters, teachers, and healers. Quartz is considered a venerated stone in relation to those who have crossed over in death, with many cultures including quartz in funeral rites, and placing it in tombs, urns, and burial sites. Many people consider their personal quartz crystal, sphere, or stones to be intimately connected to them, and consciously direct their essences into the stones for such purposes as storing energies and recording their life experiences, a sort of “Crystal Diary.”

Physically quartz is a master healer and can be used for any condition. It is considered to stimulate the circulatory and immune systems, bringing vitalizing energy and balance to the body. Quartz has also been used specifically to treat bladder and kidney infections and dysfunctions, and digestive disorders. It has been used to treat and remove the pain and effects of burns of the skin, and is generally effective for any skin disorder. Drunk as an elixir, quartz helps to remove toxins in the body. It can be used to overcome vertigo, and to dispel dizziness and improve balance.

Ruby helps to achieve what one considers ideal. It promotes a nurturing and loving emotional expression and leads one to find spiritual knowledge, wisdom, health, and wealth. Ruby’s energy enhances mental focus and collects and magnifies energy. Ruby helps one to be gentle and calm during the experience of arguments and disagreements.

Ruby protects one from negative psychic energies, guarding the mental and physical bodies, and has been used to protect from lightning. Ruby protects one from bad dreams while inducing lucid dreaming and furthering the understanding of dreams during interpretation. Ruby also brings protection from unhappiness, encouraging joy and euphoria. Ruby diminishes thoughts of despair and dispels negative energy from one’s emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects. Ruby encourages creativity, ingenuity, and growth, and helps one in the process of creation of what is desired and beneficial.

Ruby teaches the difference between what one chooses to experience and what one actually does experience, helping one to recognize the choice is one’s direct responsibility, and that while stress and anguish are useful for promoting growth, the same results can sometimes be achieved without undue adversity. Ruby helps one to let go of the need to experience tribulations. Ruby helps one to comprehend the relationship of one’s mental outlook and how it affects the physical reality that one experiences, bringing clarity and assistance to rectifying detrimental thought patterns.

Ruby activates the heart chakra and has been used to assist in decision making. It is an excellent crystal to employ for radionics and dousing. It brings balance to one’s monetary situations and is considered a stone that effectively attracts wealth.

Ruby assists in removing toxins and chemicals from the body by speeding the process, and helps to suppress the effects of stimulants on the physical body. It has been used to encourage healthy fetal development, and to treat fever and issues involving blood flow through the heart and brain.

Coral symbolizes tactfulness and working together for the greater good through combined action and effort. Coral teaches community, harmony, and cooperation. Coral also symbolizes protection, friendship, balance, and wisdom, as well as passion and all types of love.

Coral enhances creativity, optimism, enthusiasm, intuition, imagination, and visualization, and can stimulate and help develop one’s sense of appreciation of the natural world. Coral enables one to see how an individual complements the greater picture as a vital part of the world as a whole. It also allows for a greater understanding of cause and effect in one’s personal experiences, providing for seeing and comprehending examples of how the energies one sends out directly relate to the energy that returns from the universe.

Coral is especially helpful during hardship and difficult learning experiences, and conveys the message that, "This too shall pass." Coral provides endurance and strength to weather the storm, calming the emotions and bringing peace, and encouraging one to accept and adapt to changes gracefully. Coral encourages growth and compassion, and assists one to learn and retain new knowledge.

Coral combines the elemental energies of fire, water, and earth, allowing for the tempering of emotions and for finding peace at all levels of existence. Coral absorbs and filters negative energies and can become a source of positive energy exchange, bringing purification and vitality to the body and the environment. Coral provides connections with the sun and the moon, the ocean, and the earth, and the vast expression of life beings that live in and with the seas. Coral is extremely helpful to focus one’s intentions of healing the Earth and the oceans from the effects of pollutions and global warming.

Coral also acts to connect and harmonize one with plants and animals, and otherworldly, supernatural, and magical energies and beings. It assists one to communicate with these as well as with the spiritual masters of the past. Coral assists in clarifying and speeding communications with these energies, enabling a greater understanding of the knowledge received.

Coral can be used to strengthen the skeletal, circulatory, and nervous systems. Coral is used to bring nourishment to the blood cells, to stimulate tissue regeneration, and to protect muscles from atrophy. Coral has been used to treat dis-ease of the spinal and alimentary canals and the thalamus.

Red coral encourages the practice and enjoyment of, and also encourages moderation of, activities that distract one from the necessary work and responsibilities of daily life. It provides a break from the repetitive while preventing neglect, procrastination, or an inferior performance of one's work. By energizing the base chakra, it influences one to achieve one's goals.

Red coral brings harmony to the conscious awareness of the spiritual reality and the physical world, acts to promote the attunement with one's inner nature and the dynamics of the universal energies, and helps one to experience the unity with the higher spiritual aspects.

The energy of red coral helps to prevent and eliminate distress, melancholy, despair, and similar forms of negative energies by promoting a loving and gentle peace of mind.

Red coral activates the body's metabolism to promote the cleansing and purification of the muscular system, and can be used to remove toxins from all areas of the body. Red coral addresses discordant issues related to the parathyroid glands, the bladder, and the kidneys. It is also useful for promoting the proper function and health of the cellular structures, and to treat colic, heartburn, and hiccups.
NOTE: Skullis does not prescribe treatment for medical issues. Skullis offers information for reference to assist with the selection and understanding of crystal skulls, including this quartz crystal cluster crystal skull and snake with ruby eyes sculpture.

Quartz Crystal Cluster Quartz Crystal ClusterQuartz Crystal Cluster

ORIGIN: Madagascar HARDNESS: 7 NATURAL: 100% natural
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