Skullis Launched ACSAD (A Crystal Skll a Day) EVENT

Skullis presents an amazing world class event that has been years in the making.

Several years back, the founder of Skullis came across Noah Scalin's Skull-A-Day project. Already being a skull enthusiast and creator, the idea for Skullis' next major event was born. Skullis would like to extend our gratitude to Noah Scalin who inspired our event and who generously showed his support for our using the event name, A Crystal Skull a Day.

For three years our Skullis family of visionary creative designers, skilled artists, and dedicated crafters have worked diligently to make this event possible. Our sculptors have applied their talents honed from generations of carving crystals and stones, and, with the superior attention to detail that has come to be associated with the Skullis name, have produced some truly beautiful works of fine art.

The culminations of these efforts now stand ready to be unveiled to the world. Ready to be sent out as ambassadors of the Skullis family to find their new homes with you in the hopes that we rediscover the connections that reveal us to all be of one family. These beautiful sculptures made from the Earth that supports us all will share our joy, wonderment, and awe of the natural world, our passions, our dreams, and our desires for harmony and happiness for everyone.

After years of planning, we're finally here! Skullis offers to you our vision: A Crystal Skull a Day!

Each day Skullis will present a new and unique crystal skull carving to the world. Skullis' A Crystal Skull a Day event will feature amazing art never before seen, as well as revisiting some of our most popular classic sculptures. Some designs will be totally unique and will always stand in their own category as we will never be able to reproduce them, while other carvings we may be able to simulate, but none will ever be true copies of any other. Just like everyone of us, each of these crystal skull sculptures has its own characteristics and personality.

Every day each new crystal skull sculpture will be posted on Skullis' social network pages with links to the sculptures full set of photographs, details, and purchase information at

Please do feel welcome to like and share our A Crystal Skull a Day postings. We want to share these great sculptures with everyone, and we appreciate your help in making that happen.

And we love getting your comments! After all, we want to please you, so what better way to do that than getting your reactions to what you're seeing? Please post your experience of seeing the new items when they are posted every day! This will really help us decide what to make next!

We would like to thank you all. Our old friends for your years of support and for your friendship, and our new friends as well. We welcome all of you who are new to our Skullis family! We hope you enjoy the experience as much as we do!

Welcome to Skullis' A Crystal Skull a Day!

Please click here to see the ACSAD sculptures.