In January 2010, National Geographic Channel visited Skullis and filmed our master artists at work for 3 days on end. They used the footage for a documentary entitled: The Crystal Skulls: The Truth Behind (an episode for their serial documentary series: The Truth Behind).

Being impressed after seeing our skulls at and Skullis eBay store, they came to Skullis to have us re-create the most famous (and infamous) crystal skull in the world: the Mitchell-Hedges skull. With data and detailed photographs of the MH skull provided to NGC by the Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., our artists were able to do what has widely been stated cannot be done: they created a nearly exact replica of the Mitchell-Hedges skull- as accurate as possible without having the actual skull itself to model it from, right down to the detachable lower jaw.

The documentary by National Geographic Channel has already been completed and has been aired on the National Geographic Channel.