Sept 21, 2014 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Storm Energy - Dragon Septarian Stone Carved Crystal Skull Sculpture

Sept 21, 2014 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Storm Energy - Dragon Septarian Stone Carved Crystal Skull Sculpture

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Size:7.3"x4.7"x5.5"(185x120x140 mm)


Material:Dragon Septarian Stone

Storm Energy is a septarian Super Realistic crystal skull carving from Skullis with excellent color variations and distribution, predominantly composed of golden yellow calcite. Islands of grey limestone are bordered with the rich brown aragonite crystals that create a stunning contrast to the calcite. Storm Energy is a great example of a top quality septarian specimen and has an intense and passionate energy that is still soothing and relaxing at the same time.

A cross section of a septarian concretion shows an amazing cracking, lightening-like pattern within, composed of the yellow and brown crystals. Storm Energy represents the powerful combination of the earth, water, fire, and air elemental energies that work together to generate the amazing and indomitable forces that possess enough power to reshape the world. As with many other crystal skulls, these inherent energies of Storm Energy are focused on the potential they possess to create changes in thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes within each of us as individuals as well as in the collective human consciousness. Storm Energy is a heartening crystal skull that brings joy and renewing energy to the people of the world, intending to break down the barriers that prevent our unity by reminding us of all of our commonalities. Storm Energy emphasizes to us that these barriers only exist because we choose to allow them, that it is we who have created them, and they are only as strong as the energy we expend to keep them between ourselves and other people.

Septarian is a concretion composed of yellow calcite crystals, brown aragonite, and grey limestone which is also composed of calcite and aragonite crystals, both being crystalline forms of calcium carbonate. The calcite and aragonite crystals in septarian stones are situated in angular cavities, or cracks, named septaria after the Latin word septum, meaning partition. It is presumed that these deposits form in the center of the concretion and move towards the outer edges, possibly indicating the center was softer than the outer areas, however exactly how the septarian stones formed is still uncertain.

Septarian brings happiness and blissful contentment into its environment. It projects a loving, gentle, and compassionate energy and encourages acceptance and understanding of others. It helps one to dismiss the desire to change people to be something different simply for the sake of one feeling more comfortable, instead of accepting others without judgment and embracing their uniqueness. It helps one to experience fullness of self by joining the self with one's personal energetic, mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects.

Septarian reduces stress and dispels anxiety. It brings a calm and serene energy to the environment it occupies. It is an excellent stone to work with when meditating, helping to quiet the mind and increase the benefits of the meditative state. It is beneficial to maintaining one's privacy and anonymity, discouraging unwanted interests from others and helping to protect and maintain a space of quiet solitude.

It promotes communication and aids in the sharing of ideas, knowledge, and wisdom. It helps to join members of groups together to work toward a common goal and to experience camaraderie. Septarian is an excellent stone for verbal communication and speaking, helping to bring clarity and consideration of others to one's words, creating a charismatic energy to maintain other's interest in what is being said, and enhancing the understanding of the message by inspiring others to consciously listen. It also promotes communication and understanding with earth energies, including the physical plants, animals, and minerals, as well as nature spirits and energies.

Septarian connects to the Earth's energies, enhancing grounding by regulating energy flow through the root chakra. It promotes growth and can be used to gain access to what is needed for cultivation of the body, mind, and spirit.

Septarian brings spiritual strength and enlightenment to the spirit. It enables one to more easily see and understand higher spiritual truths and assists in the incorporation of these truths into daily life in the physical reality. Septarian enhances the intuition as well as psychic talents, bringing them to the surface of one's consciousness to increase awareness of the abilities and encourage their development.

Septarian shields and protects the mind and emotions from being easily overwhelmed, and also provides protection from psychic attack and the negative thoughts of others. Physically, it protects the body from harm and injury by accident, helping to keep the body out of situations that could result in harm. It helps one to be ready to react to unexpected events by establishing a connection with one's ability to know things before they occur. It is also helpful in identifying the best methods of resolving situations and challenges.

Septarian connects with the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras, providing grounding and centering of the body, mind, and emotions. It brings flexibility to the mind and the physical body. It enhances tolerance of others and subjects that are different from one's personal values. It also enables one to enjoy a wide range of interests and activities within one's life, and it helps to maintain control of many simultaneous experiences and situations rather than allowing the events to control one's responses.

Septarian is an excellent healing stone promoting wellness and good health for any issues it is applied to. It is particularly effective with practicing self healing. It is used to bring optimal health to bones and teeth, including bone structure, and to regulate the absorption and utilization of calcium. It is used to treat cramps and muscle spasms, issues of the kidneys and the blood, and to strengthen the muscles and bone structures. It promotes understanding and insight to the causes of dis-ease and helps to identify the best ways of remedying these issues.

The beneficial properties of aragonite and calcite also apply to septarian.

NOTE: Skullis does not prescribe treatment for medical issues. Skullis offers information for reference to assist with the selection and understanding of crystal skulls, including this septarian crystal skull sculpture.

Dragon Septarian Stone Dragon Septarian StoneDragon Septarian Stone

ORIGIN: Madagascar HARDNESS: 5 NATURAL: 100% natural
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