Rikoo Rosewood LED White Light Display Stand, Crystal Lamp Wooden Base for Gemstone Crystal Stone Sculpture & Mineral Specimen

US $99.95

Item ID:S0000885

Size:5.9"x5.3"x2.6" (150x135x67 mm)



You are looking at a Rosewood LED Light Display Stand. The item is 5.9 inches long from front to back.

The skulls in the pictures are NOT included in this listing. They are shown for display purposes.

Rikoo, Skullis’ parent company, proudly presents our exclusive new light stand for displaying your cherished gemstones, minerals, and crystals.

When displayed on this beautifully crafted stand, transparent stones like quartz rock crystal, amethyst, citrine, fluorite, aquamarine, etc., will reveal their inner dimensions to your exploring curiosity. It's a captivating sight, drastically altering your sculptures or specimens from what you're used to!

Translucent gemstones, like carnelian, agate, rose quartz, amber, etc., will be gorgeously displayed as well. Illuminated from below, these can shine with dispersed light to create a glowing magnificence, greatly enhancing your beloved stones with dramatic effect.

And while opaque carvings, sculptures, and specimens may not need the internal illumination, these can also be displayed with this lighted stand. And it certainly may maximize the sparkle of your favorite geode, druse specimen, or crystal cluster!

Crafted from a variety of rosewood from China, we've deliberately designed this aesthetic display stand to complement the many sculpture designs and item sizes that are most popular with our customers. Because of its beautiful colors and texture, and a very pleasant lingering scent, rosewood has been one of the most loved precious woods in China for centuries. It is a wonderful hardwood used for making high quality furniture, musical instruments, jewelry, and much more.

Along with an adaptable, handsome appearance, we set strict requirements on the function of our display stand in the design process. With a diameter of just under 50mm, the white light from the 20 LED array is strong enough for the majority of our standard size sculptures, while safety and power efficiency are of no concern. Using a negligible amount of electricity, you can keep your sculpture lit up for however long you want, with no overheating issues. This stand is rated for 100-240V, and has a Type A plug. Others using different outlet configurations will need a converter to adapt this plug for use.

For the best lighting effects, we recommend this lighted stand be used for your sculptures or specimens that have a base measuring between 3.0-8.5 inches (76-216mm).

Our uniquely crafted lighted display stand comes in a special presentation box, making it a worthy gift idea for your friends as well as for yourself!

The video only begins to show the amazing possibilities our new rosewood lighted stand offers to you and your loved gemstones, crystals, minerals, geodes, druse specimens, and more. You can imagine how wonderful your pieces will look on the stand. Also, in the video you may have found a potential benefit the stand offers: Turning your crystal art into a crystal art lamp! If you have a special piece you enjoy every day, there's no doubt that illuminating your fine crystals and sculptures will be a decision you will always be glad you made.

Note: The majority of the carvings and sculptures in this video are from or Visit our websites to see these and so many more! Skullis offers our incomparable selection of gemstone and crystal skull jewelry and sculptures, and Rikoo is home to our many exclusive, hand carved gemstone and crystal jewelry designs and sculptures.

ORIGIN: China HARDNESS: NATURAL: 100% natural
The skull pictured is the exact one you will receive.

You are welcome to save or print one or more pictures below as a certification of the skull's Skullis identity.


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