Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture
Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture
Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture
Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture
Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture
Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture
Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture
Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture
Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture
Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture
Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture

Oct 27, 2014 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - The Four Healers - Quartz Rock Crystal Carved Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture

US $999

Item ID:W4000245

Size:3.9"x1.3"x1.3"(100x34x34 mm)


Material:Quartz Rock Crystal

The Four Healers is a single clear quartz crystal specimen cut and faceted, similar to the Vogel styles, featuring four crystal skulls in the center of the wand. The Four Healers represents an incredible amount of skill and dedication from the designers and artists at Skullis, with 32 facets, four highly detailed crystal skulls, and each facet of the ends meeting at the two points of termination. The Four Healers is a truly amazing sculpture and is a powerful tool for working with energy and healing at all levels.

Crystals shaped and faceted in this style are intended for the use of absorbing, manipulating, enhancing, and directing energy for the purpose of increasing and amplifying the effects of the energy on the physical body, the mind and emotions, and the spirit. Energy is introduced into the crystal at the wider end, allowed to pass through the crystal where it is magnified and purified, and then directed out of the crystal through the narrow termination with an intensified focus and accuracy. The Four Healers can be used for all types of physical healing, including those which may express symptoms through the mental and emotional bodies. The Four Healers can also be used to directly examine and restructure thinking patterns, belief systems, emotional processes, and all aspects of spiritual assessment and growth.

The crystal skulls of The Four Healers, along with the overall carving, can be used to represent many different energy sources and ideals, including the four directions and within, the four elements and spirit, the four seasons and the Earth, the four stages of life (birth, youth, adulthood, and death) and the unending spirit, and so on. The Four Healers faceted quartz crystal skulls sculpture is as dynamic a tool as it is a fascinating object of art. As well as being used for healing work and for advancing growth at all levels, The Four Healers crystal skulls can be used for focusing and administering light energy and love for many applications, including, but not limited to, determining and achieving results with manifestation, gaining insight into chosen areas, past and future life examination and exploration, and attaining harmony and peaceful coexistence in one's daily life.

Quartz is considered to be a source of Light, and has been named the Perfect Jewel. Referred to by some as the “supreme gift of Mother Earth,” it is considered a master healer. Almost every culture throughout history has believed quartz to be a sacred and magical source of power. Aboriginal tribes of Australia and South America share their creation myth of the cosmic serpent being led and guided by a quartz crystal. Indigenous people of North America and Burma believed quartz crystals to be living entities and ritually offered them gifts of food, some believing the crystal had great power to aid in divining and hunting. Central and South American cultures revered quartz crystals carved into the shapes of human skulls as powerful religious objects where deceased ancestors and gods resided.

Quartz is considered to have been a key element in both the rise and fall of the cultures of Atlantis and Lemuria. It has been used by almost every culture for many purposes, including divination, bringing rain, enhancing magical powers, lighting sacrificial fires, as status symbol of high rank and royalty, and for prevention and treatment of dis-ease.

Even in the modern world quartz continues to occupy integral roles of our everyday lives, including the device you are using now. And it was with a quartz crystal that Sir Isaac Newton discovered the color spectrum of visible light, created as the crystal refracted sunlight shining through it.

Quartz symbolizes sacred fire, purity, and the infinity of space, patience, and perseverance. Quartz instills harmony and purpose. As it does with the technologies it is used in, quartz amplifies energy, accepts programming, and holds memory, making it the most diversely useful stone for healing, meditation, expanding consciousness, spiritual communication, past and future life recall, and any other desired application. Quartz exemplifies the concept of the saying “With God, all things are possible,” in the sense that when one comes from a position of unconditional love and acts according to the highest good of all involved, one can achieve any desired outcome.

Quartz excels at harmonizing and increasing the energies of other stones, and working to fuse the energies of multiple sources into a cohesive focus, making it ideal for wands, staffs, gridding, and the like. Quartz enhances and disperses light energies in all directions, filling an environment with positive energies that remove negativity, protect the aura, and cancel the harmful effects of radiation and radioactivity. Ancient priests used clear quartz to nullify negative energy, dissolve enchantments and spells, and abolish all black magic.

Emotionally quartz enhances the body’s internal structure and surrounding subtle bodies to further connect the physical body with the mind. Quartz replaces any negativity found within with positive thoughts and feelings. Quartz enhances one’s perceptions of the world, increasing consciousness and clear thinking, and gives enhanced energy, dedication, endurance, composure, and patience, bringing the lesson of being loving and finding joy in peaceful coexistence. Clear quartz brings strength and clarity to the mind, boosting concentration and memory while filtering distractions. It is helpful in finding sleep, and helps with the interpretation of messages and lessons experienced in one’s dreams.

Spiritually, quartz crystals are considered to be unique and individual, each with their own personalities and lessons to share. For many people, quartz crystals are the first crystals they find themselves attracted to and in communication with. Many people find quartz crystals to be invaluable tools and companions in their lives. Working with quartz crystals enhances one’s personal growth and consciousness, light, and positive energy during their experiences of thoughts, actions, feelings, and encountered situations. Quartz is considered to connect the physical and spiritual dimensions, intensifying communication with the Divine, and other-worldly masters, teachers, and healers. Quartz is considered a venerated stone in relation to those who have crossed over in death, with many cultures including quartz in funeral rites, and placing it in tombs, urns, and burial sites. Many people consider their personal quartz crystal, sphere, or stones to be intimately connected to them, and consciously direct their essences into the stones for such purposes as storing energies and recording their life experiences, a sort of “Crystal Diary.”

Physically quartz is a master healer and can be used for any condition. It is considered to stimulate the circulatory and immune systems, bringing vitalizing energy and balance to the body. Quartz has also been used specifically to treat bladder and kidney infections and dysfunctions, and digestive disorders. It has been used to treat and remove the pain and effects of burns of the skin, and is generally effective for any skin disorder. Drunk as an elixir, quartz helps to remove toxins in the body. It can be used to overcome vertigo, and to dispel dizziness and improve balance.

NOTE: Skullis does not prescribe treatment for medical issues. Skullis offers information for reference to assist with the selection and understanding of crystal skulls, including this quartz crystal skulls sculpture.

ORIGIN: Brazil HARDNESS: 7 NATURAL: 100% natural
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  1. Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture

  2. Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture

  3. Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture

  4. Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture

  5. Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture

  6. Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture

  7. Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture

  8. Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture

  9. Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture

  10. Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture

  11. Quartz Rock Crystal Crystal Skulls Faceted Sculpture