Oct 11, 2014 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Expressing Harmony - Fluorite with Calcite Carved Crystal Skull Sculpture

Oct 11, 2014 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Expressing Harmony - Fluorite with Calcite Carved Crystal Skull Sculpture

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Size:4.1"x2.7"x2.0" (105x68x50 mm)



A crystal skull carved from a natural crystal formation, Expressing Harmony is a purple, clear, and green fluorite crystal coated with a drusy field of creamy white calcite crystal terminations, with a cinnamon colored dusting covering some of the druse. Within the natural crystal formations, the Expressing Harmony crystal skull carving could just as easily be expressing profound wisdom as it could be involved in a kitchen food fight where the pie is no longer off limits! Expressing Harmony is an amazing crystal skull sculpture that floats above a stand to allow for all features of the carving to be enjoyed.

The Expressing Harmony crystal skull has a peaceful and playful energy of openness and acceptance. The Expressing Harmony fluorite with calcite crystal skull reminds us of the merits of being without judgment and the freedom from discordant energy that comes with this level of non-resistance. When we decide to experience life with gratitude and joy, the aspects and persons that may have once been challenging, and even overwhelming, no longer have the ability to affect us in a negative way. Rather, we can meet them with an attitude of gratefulness, appreciating the valuable lessons they are here to help us learn, and with the acknowledgement that these experiences are indeed necessary, and, with an altered perception, wonderful in their own way. The Expressing Harmony fluorite with calcite crystal skull reminds us of the unlimited capacity we all possess to meet every person and situation with unconditional love and acceptance.

Fluorite brings equilibrium and harmony to the thoughts and mental processes, increasing one's focus and effectiveness during contemplation of ideas and situations. Fluorite encourages a neutral perspective free of the effect of one's emotions, enabling one to consider and respond to a situation without being swayed by one's personal opinions and feelings. It instills perception, proficiency, and responsibility, and enhances the intuition with these qualities. It promotes ingenuity, mental proficiency and capacity, and incites the imagination and intellectual curiosity, helping one to attain a greater level of understanding and to accomplish goals.

Fluorite assists one to see past deception and illusion to discern what is real and true. It allows for the understanding of relationships and the dynamics involved, bringing balance and opening individuals, and members of relationships and groups, to the ideas of clarity in their methods of communication and harmony in the pursuit of achieving the highest good for all involved.

Fluorite assists one to see the flawless completeness of every aspect of the universe, helping one to understand that what may seem independent and removed is in truth an integral part of the greater whole. This enables one to more easily recognize the expression of the universal perfection of every person, and to identify the lessons that can be learned from all that is perceived which will further the growth and progression towards the harmonious union of the all.

With fluorite one can access and tap into the ubiquitous and unlimited energy of the universe. This energy can be used to replenish and renew the physical body, and to incite one's natural energies to achieve the ideal expression of physical health and well being. It promotes and maintains optimal health, happiness, comfort, mental capacity, and prosperity.

Physically fluorite corrects disorders by eliminating, cleaning, and purifying discordant issues, and can be used effectively as soon as symptoms begin to appear. It has been used for health issues involving tumorous growths and ulcers, to prevent and treat RNA and DNA damage, to regulate cellular growth, formation, and structure, and for regulating bones and skeletal structure. Fluorite is used to alleviate symptoms and to treat infections such as colds, flu, staph and strep infections, infectious cankers, and herpes, and to treat highly infectious dis-eases, also providing protection from infection to caregivers.

Colorless fluorite clears and energizes the crown chakra and the aura and brings the chakras into alignment, facilitating a connection between the physical body and the energy of the universe. It helps to harmonize the mental intellect with the spirit, allowing one to more easily recognize which situations and experiences are and are not helpful and useful for one's spiritual growth. It is used to amplify, concentrate, and direct the energies of other crystals and minerals for manifestation and healing work.

Colorless fluorite promotes optimal vision and is used to clear the eyes, removing cataracts and other impediments from the pupil and iris.

Green Fluorite rejuvenates, cleanses, and purifies the chakras. It helps to calm the emotions and bring peace when stress and trauma are experienced. It removes negativity from the environment it is placed in, changing the energy to one of love and light and directing it toward where it is most needed.

Green fluorite can be used to treat the digestive system, bringing comfort and an energy of optimal health. It is used to alleviate irritation and pain caused by sore throat, heartburn, colitis, and similar issues.

Purple fluorite provides logic and coherence during the use of the intuition and helps one to clearly and accurately relay knowledge and information that is received through psychic means. It helps to connect and harmonize one's spiritual growth with one's psychic development.

Purple fluorite is effective for treatment of bone and marrow related issues, facilitating the harmonization and balance of the cellular structures, the bones, and the body. Purple fluorite is particularly useful in bringing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects into harmony in preparation for optimal healing to take place.

Calcite is an extremely versatile crystal, lending its energies and characteristics to many applications. Calcite gently magnifies energies from many sources including conscious direction and intentions, other gems and minerals, other similar tools, and also energies from the surrounding environment, to work together harmoniously. It refines the resulting experience by regulating higher and more dynamic energies and amplifying the more subtle ones. Calcite is an effective crystal of protection, grounding, and centering. Calcite is considered a stone of harmony, manifestation and prosperity, and is used to intensify the process and results of astral travel, intuition, and channeling. It is also considered to be a stone of wisdom and spirituality.

Calcite is especially effective at removing internalized attached negative energies, gently clearing and transmuting them into positive energy that can be utilized for productive purposes. This proclivity of calcite enables one to achieve forgiveness and acceptance, for oneself and for outside situations, allowing for the understanding of the reasons behind discordant behaviors. This clearing also applies to physical spaces, and calcite also opens, unblocks, and clears energy conduits, making it useful for clearing the chakras, various physical systems, mental processes, and the aura. Calcite can assist in releasing unproductive habits and thought patterns and give one the will to move forward in their endeavors. Calcite brings peace to its environment and those that share space with it.

Calcite provides support when experiencing mental changes and transitions, and it helps one to relax and remain emotionally calm and at peace. It enhances thinking processes and is considered an excellent crystal for students and researchers, promoting creativity and imagination as well. Calcite’s magnification of intellectual functions enables one to let go of fear and assists in reducing stress and anxiety. Calcite also aids in communication, bringing harmony to issues created by misunderstandings with others, helping to bring balance to relationships.

Calcite is considered to be an excellent healing crystal in all applications. It is most commonly used for treatment of issues pertaining to the skeleton and bones, and muscles and ligaments. It has been used to relieve arthritis, joint issues, and back pain. Calcite is used to promote optimal health of the teeth, eyes, the reproductive and intestinal systems, and to treat gallbladder dis-ease. It is also used to reduce the production of excessive mucous. Calcite is also considered to be very effective in the treatment of mental and emotional issues. Calcite makes an excellent tool for assisting with remote healing.

NOTE: Skullis does not prescribe treatment for medical issues. Skullis offers information for reference to assist with the selection and understanding of crystal skulls, including this fluorite with calcite crystal skull sculpture.

Fluorite FluoriteFluorite

ORIGIN: Zhejiang, China HARDNESS: 4 NATURAL: 100% natural
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