Nov 19, 2014 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - The Crystal Skull of Communion - 7.5

Nov 19, 2014 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - The Crystal Skull of Communion - 7.5" Ocean Jasper Carved Crystal Skull Sculpture

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Size:7.5"x5.2"x6.1"(190x131x155 mm)


Material:ocean jasper

The Crystal Skull of Communion is carved from classic specimen of ocean jasper from Madagascar. The masterfully carved details of Skullis' Super Realistic crystal skull design enhance the natural beauty of this superb ocean jasper crystal skull. Open vugs lined with druse of clear quartz crystal terminations are surrounded by opaque and transparent corresponding layers which expand to form marvelous patterns in the stone. Various shades of greens, earthy yellows, and creamy whites appear side by side with translucent clear quartz creating an overall beauty common to ocean jasper.

The Crystal Skull of Communion is oriented toward the achievement of harmony and unity. With our innate tendency to cover up our true emotions, rather than communicating openly, honestly, and clearly what it is we are feeling and thinking, we create distance and uncertainty between ourselves and the people in our lives. Despite our past experiences, the Crystal Skull of Communion teaches us that we can learn to trust other people, and we can give them the benefit of the doubt, without putting ourselves in a position to be taken advantage of.

The Crystal Skull of Communion encourages us to continue to be emotional and sensitive, for these qualities help us to grow, yet we must remember to be open and honest about our inner feelings as well, rather than hide them away for fear of ridicule and embarrassment. The expression of these intimate inner thoughts are helpful in identifying the people in our lives who are worthy of our friendship, and also to determine those others who are better kept at a distance because they are operating at a different level of development and have not yet learned compassion and understanding. By sharing our experiences, and by explaining and communicating clearly and honestly, we can eliminate the stress, disharmony, and hurt that can be caused by misperception and misunderstanding. Most importantly, revealing our inner thoughts and feelings as a show of trust will help others who may have issues of low self esteem. A person may seem normal and happy to us, but inside they may be scared and thinking they are not good enough because they see so many things they consider to be faults in themselves. When we share with them, it is possible they will realize their beliefs are incorrect, and they may begin to experience their own process of growth and release the negative thinking they are discovering to be inaccurate. The Crystal Skull of Communion inspires in each of us the desire to strive for and attain the goal of bringing peace and comfort to ourselves and to the world.

Ocean Jasper is only found off the northwest coast of Madagascar, and can only be collected by boat during low tides. It is a remarkable stone of wonderful beauty and appeal. It displays fascinating crystallization patterns, commonly featuring orbicular (circular) patterns, and often will have layers similar to the appearance of the layers in many agates. It has the potential to exhibit many different colors, often with a marked contrast. It can also have clear areas with no color, translucent areas, areas of a lovely milky opaqueness, and deep and intensely colored areas as well. Vug and geode cavities lined with clear quartz crystal druse also commonly occur within the stone. Any person with an appreciation of crystals will most likely have a positive opinion about ocean jasper. It is a true gift within the mineral kingdom.

The energy of ocean jasper is soothing, gentle, and relaxing, and can be quite cleansing. Like the sea, there is great a power within ocean jasper that can encompass and support, bringing a profound tranquility, but at the same time it has a potency that is impossible to ignore. Ocean jasper assists one to adjust to changes and to fit into new environments and situations as it unifies and connects all that is.

Ocean jasper promotes the qualities of hope and patience, and the acceptance and love of others and oneself, bringing one's thoughts and attitudes to a positive perspective of optimism. It encourages one to be of service to others, and it exemplifies the concept of what one creates and shares is what will be received; that what you think is what you will experience.

Ocean jasper is an excellent stone to use during past life work. It assists in attaining spiritual wisdom, and enhances meditation by providing a grounding and centering effect while assisting with circular breathing.

Ocean jasper replaces stress and anxiety with a cleansing peace that removes negativity and brings the aura into balance. It is excellent for use as a worry stone, naturally acting to bring relaxation and enhance mental focus. It is also very effective for eliminating nightmares and negative thoughts and feelings, helping to dispel emotional obstructions, anger, and frustration in a steady and continuous manner. It enables one to accept responsibility for, and the consequences of, one's actions, and helps one to understand the reasons for, and the lessons of, the experience.

Ocean jasper helps one to nurture oneself during the process of helping others. It promotes empathy, helping to clarify the mental and emotional requirements of those being helped, and also assists the helper to remain unaffected and impartial, enabling a more competent ability to provide aid.

Ocean jasper is an excellent healing stone, and is particularly effective for tissue regeneration of the internal organs. As an elixir, ocean jasper, balances and calms the digestive system, dispels vomiting and nausea, and vitalizes and strengthens the stomach. Ocean Jasper is used for disorders of the thyroid, inner ear, and the skin, including eczema. It is helpful for enhancing one's sense of balance, and it is useful for reducing body odor and flatulence by acting on the lymph system to remove toxins.

Ocean jasper helps one to regulate and bring into balance the proper functioning of absorbing and utilizing minerals and vitamins, with a particular focus on regulation of iodine and sodium levels in the body. It can be used to reduce swelling caused by water retention and is also used to enhance the beneficial aspects of bath salts and hydrotherapy.

Jasper is an Earth element stone that shares its unique connection with the planet through its consistent energy flow, encouraging one to be in the present and grounded to the physical body while enhancing perceptions of the surrounding environment. Jasper teaches one to appreciate silence and solitude of both the inner mind and the outer world. Jasper also allows for an enhanced perception of one's spiritual connection to the whole of nature, enabling one to recognize the sacredness of life, spiritual wisdom, and the beauty in what may seem ordinary, and to find harmony with oneself and with others.

Jasper nurtures, balances the aura, and provides strength, healing, stability, grounding, security, and comfort. Jasper reflects one's spiritual choice to be of service to others by sharing happiness and a sense of purpose.

Jasper has long been used as a stone of mental, physical, and spiritual protection. Jasper is known as a stone for rain making, and is considered an effective stone to use as a tool for divination through dowsing and when dowsing for water.

Jasper clears negative energies and brings balance to the aura, instills peace by removing stress and anxiety, and increases one's ability to concentrate, eliminating negative thoughts and bad dreams. Jasper is used to balance and align the chakras, and to protect during meditation that involves astral travel, providing grounding during the experience.

Jasper is considered an excellent healing stone, supporting the physical body and emotions during hospitalization, extended illness, and injury, helping one to understand the reasons for experiencing frustrating and/or painful experiences.

Jasper has also been used to assist during fasting and diet, giving physical energy, self control, and encouraging perseverance. It also assists one to let go of bad habits and addictions, assisting both the mind and the body to overcome the perceived need, and has been said to be very effective for quitting smoking. Jasper removes toxins from the body and reveals emotional processes that cause one to indulge in harmful addictions so they can be dismissed.

Jasper is considered to be an aphrodisiac, and to increase fertility and lend energy to making the experience of pregnancy a joyful one.

Jasper brings vital energy to the emotional body, relieving stress and encouraging a balanced peace. Jasper inspires compassion, generosity, humility, patience, and courage, giving one the will to complete their goals. Jasper allows one to face challenges without feeling the need to pretend or hide one's true thoughts and feelings. Jasper assists in letting go of insecurities, fears, and guilt so one may find forgiveness for oneself. Jasper enables one to be assertive without aggression and helps one to be in harmony with others.

NOTE: Skullis does not prescribe treatment for medical issues. Skullis offers information for reference to assist with the selection and understanding of crystal skulls, including this ocean jasper crystal skull sculpture.

ocean jasper ocean jasperocean jasper

ORIGIN: Madagascar HARDNESS: 7 NATURAL: 100% natural
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