Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull
Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull
Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull
Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull
Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull
Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull
Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull
Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull
Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull
Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull
Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull
Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull
Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull
Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull
Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull
Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull
Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull
Ocean Jasper Crystal Skull

Nov 1, 2014 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Hallowed Earth - Ocean Jasper Carved Crystal Skull with Amethyst Druse Sculpture

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Item ID:W4000242

Size:7.1"x4.5"x5.9"(180x114x150 mm)


Material:Ocean Jasper

The Hallowed Earth ocean jasper crystal skull with amethyst druse is a true wonder. Nature has combined two of the most amazing crystals; ocean jasper with amethyst, and Skullis Crystal Skulls has fashioned this single specimen into an awesome sculpture of fine art! This spectacular crystal skull is a perfect example of why ocean jasper is such a sought after material with numerous vugs lined with a druse of small crystal terminations, many incredibly beautiful orbicular jasper formations of yellows surrounded by layers of different greens, and a complementary colorful addition of earthy reds and browns. But most amazing is the additional naturally terminated amethyst crystal druse that tops the Hallowed Earth crystal skull carving. Rarely does ocean jasper include larger crystals such as these in its structure, and those crystals being amethyst is essentially unheard of. The Hallowed Earth crystal skull is carved in the Skullis signature Super Realistic carving style with remarkable skull details. Skullis is very proud of the Hallowed Earth ocean jasper crystal skull with amethyst druse sculpture!

The Hallowed Earth crystal skull has a personality as unique as the sculpture itself. An exuberant energy full of joy and welcoming happiness radiates from this extraordinary crystal skull. The Hallowed Earth crystal skull gives a person the feeling of meeting someone for the first time, and knowing they are going to be a great friend for many years to come. Along with this openness and eagerness to accept and share, the Hallowed Earth crystal skull is profoundly grounding, helping us to remain centered and consciously aware of the physical world around us even as it transports us to great heights of emotional elation. As well, the Hallowed Earth crystal skull shares with us a knowing that everything is working precisely as it should be, and, at the proper time, we are reminded to do our part when our energy is required. Once we have done this, the Hallowed Earth crystal skull urges us to relax with the reassurance that the rest will occur for the best. This is when we are encouraged step back and allow synchronistic energies of love and harmony to move forward and complete the task, while we exercise our talents of releasing our emotional attachments to the final outcome with the knowledge that all will be as it should be.

Destined to be the center of attention in any collection, whether it be a collection of crystal skulls or simply a specimen collection of minerals and crystals, Skullis Crystal Skulls offers the Hallowed Earth ocean jasper crystal skull with amethyst druse to the world, with the hope all people will enjoy and benefit from this truly dynamic and beautiful masterpiece.

Ocean Jasper is only found off the northwest coast of Madagascar, and can only be collected by boat during low tides. It is a remarkable stone of wonderful beauty and appeal. It displays fascinating growth patterns, commonly featuring orbicular (circular) patterns, and often will have layers similar to the appearance of the layers in many agates. It has the potential to contain many different colors, often with a marked contrast. It can also have clear areas with no color, translucent areas, areas of a lovely milky opaqueness, and deep and intensely colored areas as well. Vug and geode cavities lined with clear quartz crystal druse also commonly occur within the stone. Any person with an appreciation of crystals will most likely have a positive opinion about ocean jasper. It is a true gift within the mineral kingdom.

The energy of ocean jasper is soothing, gentle, and relaxing, and can be quite cleansing. Like the sea, there is great a power within ocean jasper that can encompass and support, bringing a profound tranquillity, but at the same time it has a potency that is impossible to ignore. Ocean jasper assists one to adjust to changes and to fit into new environments and situations as it unifies and connects all that is.

Ocean jasper promotes the qualities of hope and patience, and the acceptance and love of others and oneself, bringing one's thoughts and attitudes to a positive perspective of optimism. It encourages one to be of service to others, and it exemplifies the concept of what one creates and shares is what will be received, that what you think is what you will experience.

Ocean jasper is an excellent stone to use during past life work. It assists in attaining spiritual wisdom, and enhances meditation by providing a grounding and centering effect while assisting with circular breathing.

Ocean jasper replaces stress and anxiety with a cleansing peace that removes negativity and brings the aura into balance. It is excellent for use as a worry stone, naturally acting to bring relaxation and enhance mental focus. It is also very effective for eliminating nightmares and negative thoughts and feelings, helping to dispel emotional obstructions, anger, and frustration in a steady and continuous manner. It enables one to accept the responsibility, and the consequences, of one's actions, and helps one to understand the reasons for, and the lessons of, the experience.

Ocean jasper helps one to nurture oneself during the process of helping others. It promotes empathy, helping to clarify the mental and emotional requirements of those being helped, and also assists the helper to remain unaffected and impartial, enabling a more competent ability to provide aid.

Ocean jasper is an excellent healing stone, and is particularly effective for tissue regeneration of the internal organs. As an elixir, ocean jasper, balances and calms the digestive system, dispel vomiting and nausea, and vitalizes and strengthens the stomach. Ocean Jasper is used for disorders of the thyroid, inner ear, and the skin, including eczema. It is helpful for enhancing one's sense of balance, and it is useful for reducing body odor and flatulence by acting on the lymph system to remove toxins.

Ocean jasper helps one to regulate and bring into balance the proper functioning of absorbing and utilizing minerals and vitamins, with a particular focus on regulation of iodine and sodium levels in the body. It can be used to reduce swelling caused by water retention and is also used to enhance the beneficial aspects of bath salts and hydrotherapy.

Amethyst, due to its royal purple color, has long been a valued crystal despite being commonly available. Historically amethyst has been used to dispel intoxication and all aspects of overindulgence, including gambling, bad investing decisions, and overspending. Amethyst is used to dispel negative energies within one’s self, in others, in one’s environment, and in the earth. It protects from psychic and paranormal attack and negative thoughts directed at an individual, transforming the negative energy into loving positive energy and returning it to its source. Amethyst is also used for promoting prosperity and good fortune. Amethyst is used to amplify creativity and so is considered an excellent stone for artists of all mediums. Amethyst prompts, and helps one to combine, spiritual insight and intellectual reasoning, allowing for one to benefit from the results of this process by enabling the application of unconventional and original concepts, and through the successful completion of tasks and goals.

For centuries amethyst has retained its association of being a stone of spirituality, and as being an effective crystal to keep one grounded, and also oriented in spiritual thought. It is considered to be an excellent stone for attaining and maintaining a connection to the Divine, creating an energy of pious calm and instilling a sense of mental peace and quietude. Amethyst clears the aura of negative energy and forms a Light shield around the body which enables one to be clear, centered, and open to spiritual guidance at the same time. Amethyst is also used to expedite development of the intuition and psychic talents.

Other beneficial properties of amethyst in regards to emotional states include giving comfort during the experience of grief from loss, regulating excessive tendencies towards passion, and again, providing peace and a calming energy. It is effective at transforming negative energy to positive energy, allowing for the enhancement of inspiration and meditation. Amethyst also encourages one to take action, resulting in achieving one’s goals.

Mentally amethyst heightens intellectual perception and intelligence. It is used to attain wisdom and deeper understanding. Amethyst has been used to control and overcome evil thoughts, to enhance creative thinking, passion, imagination, and intuition, and for refining thought processes. Amethyst aids in the assimilation of new ideas and helps one to find focus and success.

Amethyst has been used as a protection stone for travelers to ward against treachery and surprise attacks, and is considered a powerful psychic stone of protection against witchcraft and black magic. Amethyst is also used to protect from disease and illness. It calms and soothes, relieves insomnia, and stimulates positive dream experiences while preventing nightmares.

Amethyst is considered to be one of the most effective healing crystals and is commonly used to alleviate headaches. Amethyst is particularly effective for treating disorders of the skin, digestive tract and stomach, heart, teeth, and skeletal structure, also helping to encourage proper posture. It boosts hormone production, and bolsters the immune system. It is useful for treating hearing disorders and the symptoms of tinnitus. Amethyst vitalizes the sympathetic nervous system and the endocrine glands, optimizing their functioning. It effectively reduces pain, swelling, bruising, and brings relief from headaches and migraines. An amethyst elixir can be used to treat arthritis, and for all other disorders as well.

Amethyst brings a peaceful and pacifying energy to the neural impulses of the brain. It is used to resolve insomnia, especially when the condition is caused by an excess of mental activity. Amethyst lessens and removes stress, anxiety, and nervous tension, stabilizes brain activity and imbalances, and is used to counter psychic disturbances.

NOTE: Skullis does not prescribe treatment for medical issues. Skullis offers information for reference to assist with the selection and understanding of crystal skulls, including this ocean jasper crystal skull sculpture with amethyst druse.

Ocean Jasper Ocean JasperOcean Jasper

ORIGIN: Madagascar HARDNESS: 7 NATURAL: 100% natural
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