Red Jasper Crystal Skull Sculpture
Red Jasper Crystal Skull Sculpture
Red Jasper Crystal Skull Sculpture
Red Jasper Crystal Skull Sculpture
Red Jasper Crystal Skull Sculpture
Red Jasper Crystal Skull Sculpture
Red Jasper Crystal Skull Sculpture
Red Jasper Crystal Skull Sculpture

May 7, 2015 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Making Contact - Red Jasper Carved Alien Crystal Skull Sculpture

US $899

Item ID:W4000397

Size:5.1"x4.3"x4.7" (130x110x120 mm)


Material:Red Jasper

Making Contact is an alien crystal skull which has been crafted from an exceptional specimen of red jasper from South Africa. Delicately colored layers of red jasper are mixed with white and translucent quartz forming a unique striped pattern and giving the Making Contact alien crystal skull a very energetic presence. This very beautiful red jasper alien crystal skull sculpture measures 5.1 x 4.3 x 4.7 inches (130x110x120 mm) and weighs 4.73 lb (2145 g).

The Making Contact crystal skull encourages each of us to search for more that what we can perceive with just our physical senses, and to be open to discovering that perhaps our beliefs may actually be our limitations. Making Contact also encourages us to realize that the majority of the people here understand very little about our true nature, and the power we each possess. With this realization we can find within ourselves the capacity for tolerance and patience, and an opportunity to reassure and support people at different levels of development than ourselves.

The Making Contact alien crystal skull helps us to understand that being loving, and sharing our love with others, as well as receiving love, is the source of happiness and peace. Making Contact inspires us to endeavor to learn the truths of our reality, setting aside our existing beliefs during this process, and learning to see past the illusions and deceptions which have been initiated to facilitate ignorance.

Making Contact helps us to understand that what we may consider to be impossible can be, in fact, very possible, and can also be a current reality of which we are simply unaware. The Making Contact alien crystal skull represents the very real concept of conscious life existing throughout the universe, reminding us that if life is everywhere here on this planet, then surely that same effluence of life will be found countless times over in the space beyond, and with that will also be intelligent life.

With the Making Contact red jasper alien crystal skull sculpture we are inspired to consider how we, as a collective whole, may appear to an observer, and we are encouraged to begin to behave with attitude of harmony, unity, and love that is the supreme potential of humankind.

Red jasper is a stone of passion and health. Red jasper resonates strongly with Earth energies and allows for a profound connection with the Earth guardians, spirits, ley and vortex energies, and sacred sites. It is also considered helpful in finding rescue from danger. It can be use to give courage to complete undesirable work, and when facing biased, unfair, and wrongful issues, helping one to find solutions. This includes matters involving legal situations and procedures, and instances when doing what is right is the more complicated choice. Red jasper assists in dream recall and research to give one a greater understanding of possible interpretations of dreams. Red jasper is considered to be a stone of the body, augmenting strength and stamina and increasing the chi in one's aura with an even, steadily flowing energy.

Jasper is an Earth element stone that shares its unique connection with the planet through its consistent energy flow, encouraging one to be in the present and grounded to the physical body while enhancing perceptions of the surrounding environment. Jasper teaches one to appreciate silence and solitude of both the inner mind and the outer world. Jasper also allows for an enhanced perception of one's spiritual connection to the whole of nature, enabling one to recognize the sacredness of life, spiritual wisdom, the beauty in what may seem ordinary, and to find harmony within oneself and with others.

Jasper nurtures, balances the aura, and provides strength, healing, stability, grounding, security, and comfort. Jasper reflects one's spiritual choice to be of service to others by sharing happiness and a sense of purpose.

Jasper has long been used as a stone of mental, physical, and spiritual protection. Jasper is known as a stone for rain making, and is considered an effective stone to use as a tool for divination through dowsing and when dowsing for water.

Jasper clears negative energies and brings balance to the aura, instills peace by removing stress and anxiety, and increases one's ability to concentrate, eliminating negative thoughts and bad dreams. Jasper is used to balance and align the chakras, and to protect during meditation that involves astral travel, providing grounding during the experience.

Jasper is considered an excellent healing stone, supporting the physical body and emotional well being during hospitalization, extended illness, and injury, helping one to understand the reasons for experiencing frustrating and/or painful experiences.

Jasper has also been used to assist during fasting and diet, giving physical energy, self control, and encouraging perseverance. It also assists one to let go of bad habits and addictions, assisting both the mind and the body to overcome the perceived need, and has been said to be very effective for quitting smoking. Jasper removes toxins from the body and reveals emotional processes that cause one to indulge in harmful addictions so they can be dismissed.

Jasper is considered to be an aphrodisiac, to increase fertility, and to share an energy which helps to make the experience of pregnancy a joyful one.

Jasper brings vital energy to the emotional body, relieving stress and encouraging a balanced peace. Jasper inspires compassion, generosity, humility, patience, and courage, giving one the will to complete goals. Jasper allows one to face challenges without feeling the need to pretend or hide one's true thoughts and feelings. Jasper assists in letting go of insecurities, fears, and guilt so one may find forgiveness for oneself. Jasper enables one to be assertive without aggression and helps one to be in harmony with others.

NOTE: Skullis does not prescribe treatment for medical issues. Skullis offers information for reference to assist with the selection and understanding of crystal skulls, including this red jasper alien crystal skull sculpture.

ORIGIN: South Africa HARDNESS: 7 NATURAL: 100% natural
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