Mar 25, 2015 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Starry Desert Night - Sphalerite Carved Crystal Skull and Wolf Sculpture

Mar 25, 2015 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Starry Desert Night - Sphalerite Carved Crystal Skull and Wolf Sculpture

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Size:6.9"x5.5"x9.5"(176x140x242 mm)



Starry Desert Night is a magnificent crystal skull sculpture carved form a sphalerite and calcite mineral specimen from China. A glittering field of yellow and iron red calcite crystal druse sparkles like the night sky as it hosts multiple polyhedral sphalerite crystals. The Starry Desert Night crystal skull and wolf sculpture offers an opportunity for exploration of this remarkable natural beauty which perfectly counters the artistically sculpted matrix. The vigilant Starry Desert Night crystal skull watches over the nocturnal activities of the prevalent lives in a mysterious and unique ecosystem. The Starry Desert Night sphalerite crystal skull and wolf sculpture is a beautiful, high profile work of art, measuring 6.9 x 5.5 x 9.5 inches (176x140x242mm) and weighing 9.31 pounds (4224g).

The Starry Desert Night crystal skull teaches us the importance of recognizing that beauty is everywhere we choose to see it. We are each individually responsible for our outlook and perceptions of the world around us. Finding the aspect of a person, situation, environment, and so on, that allows us to recognize the beauty and perfection that we also possess within ourselves is a challenge that the Starry Desert Night crystal skull helps us to accomplish. By doing this, we are able to experience harmony, unity, and love.

The Starry Desert Night crystal skull encourages each of us to develop our ability to endure and persevere during difficult experiences. We are encouraged to recognize there are forces greater than ourselves that we are intimately connected with, and this connection provides us with the energy and reassurance that allows us to overcome any obstacles along our path to enlightenment.

Starry Desert Night is a crystal skull devoted to the protection of our natural world, of nature, and through this, to our protection as well. The Starry Desert Night crystal skull encourages us to not only be watchful and aware, but to now also become responsive to the current events and behaviors that are effecting our world and our near future. The Starry Desert Night crystal skull inspires us to stand up for what we believe in, to adopt an attitude of preservation and nurturance, to offer emotional and physical care for each other and for our home, and to then stand up and speak out in support of these principles. The Starry Desert Night sphalerite crystal skull and wolf sculpture does not stand in judgment, but rather in observance, of humanity, encouraging us to begin now to exercise restraint in the interest of stopping the detrimental effects we, as a people, are having on our Earth, encouraging our love and our taking action.

The Wolf symbolizes nature's powerful drive for sociability, inspiring loyalty, friendliness, camaraderie, and congeniality. Friends and family are considered to be a means of survival and a source of happiness to the wolf. Wolves represent natural instincts, intuition, cunning and a highly intellectual prowess. The wolf is a skilled communicator using body language, eye contact, physical contact, and visual perception, along with a diverse range of vocalizations to express and connect with pack members. As such, the wolf represents the eloquent and articulate use of words in both verbal and written communication, and an honest and open form of interaction with others, without deception, falsehood, or treachery. The wolf is also a symbol of compassion, friendliness, generosity, loyalty, and especially an unquestioned freedom. The wolf can symbolize issues related to trust, fear, and being threatened, and protection when these are experienced, and is also considered to typify faith and conscious understanding.

The wolf teaches one to be aware of one's perceptions and helps with the understanding of the people and the world around oneself, encouraging a conscious awareness of how one's instincts and emotional experiences and expressions can affect others, and one's own, stability. The wolf also inspires an uninhibited, enthusiastic, and spontaneous approach to experiencing life without self imposed limitations. And as many of us have learned from their descendants, they also bring an unequalled experience of companionship, comfort, joy, happiness, and love.

The Moon is a well known symbol of power connected to the emotions, psychic ability, intuition, and the more mystical aspects of the mysteries of our world. The moon represents balance, renewal, influence, fertility, change, and enlightenment. The moon is associated with the seas and the elemental energy of water, and so represents adaptability and subtle yet undeniable strength. As the ruler of the night the moon is also associated with the nocturnal members of the animal and plant kingdoms, including wolves, bats, owls, cats, shelled animals, and frogs and toads.

Associated with the precious metal silver, the moon represents purity, lucidity, and brightness, and again emotional, mental, and psychic consciousness. The moon is often considered a feminine energy, however many cultures see the moon as a masculine influence. The moon brings balance to the world. Historically the moon has been seen as a protector and a bestower of wisdom and magical power and abilities. The moon has also been identified as a source of cyclical patterns and as a merging of different worlds, dimensions, and energies. The moon represents avengement and retribution, but also peace, selflessness, benevolence, and purity, bringing illumination and promoting perfection.

The full moon along with many other meanings, is a symbol of fullness of power, clarity, achieving one's goals, and the attainment of enlightenment.

The saguaro cactus represents longevity, patience, and endurance. Wild saguaros only begin branching at about 75 years of age, which is also the age when they will usually start producing their beautiful night blooming flowers, and they can live for 200 years or more. Saguaros are considered to be an entity that connects one with ancient cultures and one's ancestry, facilitating the sharing and remembering of knowledge and wisdom gained over generations of time. Saguaro cacti also help one to develop, progress, and grow, enhancing one's mental processes, and intuitive and intellectual abilities. Saguaros promote balance and equality, and share an exuberant healing energy as well as profound nurturing and protective energies.

Sphalerite acts to ground one in all aspects, including spiritually, energetically, and physically, and balances the yin and yang energies by encouraging an increase in the lesser expressed of the two.

It provides for discernment and the dispersal of illusion, assisting with the awareness of dishonesty and attempts to deceive. This property of sphalerite can be applied to intuitive and psychically received information, helping one to determine the honesty and accuracy of what is received or shared.

Sphalerite also enables one to identify hazardous and threatening aspects one may encounter, and assists one to assess advantages and disadvantages which may be experienced, thus allowing for one to decide if, and how, to proceed with a situation.

Sphalerite has an energy that encourages and enhances the development and improvement of one's intuitive and psychic talents, helping one to understand that each person is capable of accessing and employing one's natural psychic abilities by trusting in one's potential and releasing negative thought patterns that negate this possibility.

Sphalerite is also triboluminescent, which means it produces light when broken. This property has been used in tribal ceremonies of many cultures, with the light from the crystal indicating the activation of one's talents of manifestation and intuitive receptivity.

Similarly, using sphalerite to access a meditative and altered state of consciousness is said to produce a visual white light which increases one's perceptions and brings one into harmony with the astral realm. During this process psychic and intuitive abilities are further developed and enhanced.

Sphalerite helps one to adjust and adapt to changes, especially when entering new fields of study, employment, and creative work. The energy of sphalerite can be used align one's life purpose with one's career and occupation, enabling one to harmonize one's work in the physical world with the achievement of one's aspirations and spiritually selected mission and direction.

Sphalerite acts to protect one from energetic negativity and physical harm, and is particularly oriented toward warding against adverse or unfavorable energies present when interacting in social and public situations.

Sphalerite is used to promote the optimal health of the body. It vitalizes and energizes one after physical exertion and exercise, and acts to regulate the body's absorption and metabolization of vitamins and minerals. Sphalerite can be used to treat health issues involving the eyes and the immune system, helping to reinstate and enhance proper functioning. It addresses issues affecting the circulation of the blood by harmonizing and grounding the physical and ethereal nervous systems, and also acts to prevent and relieve infection.

NOTE: Skullis does not prescribe treatment for medical issues. Skullis offers information for reference to assist with the selection and understanding of crystal skulls, including this sphalerite crystal skull sculpture.

Sphalerite SphaleriteSphalerite

ORIGIN: China HARDNESS: 4 NATURAL: 100% natural
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  1. Sphalerite Crystal Skull and Wolf Sculpture

  2. Sphalerite Crystal Skull and Wolf Sculpture

  3. Sphalerite Crystal Skull and Wolf Sculpture

  4. Sphalerite Crystal Skull and Wolf Sculpture

  5. Sphalerite Crystal Skull and Wolf Sculpture

  6. Sphalerite Crystal Skull and Wolf Sculpture

  7. Sphalerite Crystal Skull and Wolf Sculpture

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