Jun 26, 2014 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Emptiness - Malachite Carved Crystal Skull with Matrix Sculpture

Jun 26, 2014 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Emptiness - Malachite Carved Crystal Skull with Matrix Sculpture

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Size:5.0"x5.1"x5.1"(125x130x129 mm)



With Emptiness, Steven Z. has created a profound statement that with an open mind, one is able to receive insight and guidance, to learn through observation as well as through experience. When life is approached without preconceived limitations and expectations, then the true experiences of obtaining wisdom can transpire. Emptiness features a beautiful wall of malachite surrounding a skull carved from stone matrix. The hollowed interior represents the vast limitless universe with all the knowledge it contains, and the unlimited potential of every person’s mind and spirit. Through the open holes of the eyes and in the malachite layer, the open mind allows for the flow and exchange of energy, ideas, wisdom, an knowledge, resulting in the sharing and awareness of the universal experience. Once one realizes these universal forces cannot be contained or controlled, one finally understands there is no need for control and moves forward to a state of acceptance, simply being, and growing, traveling on the spiritual path towards oneness.

Emptiness is another completely unique sculpture from Skullis. The malachite is colorful and beautiful, and the artistic expression and energy of Emptiness is fascinating to behold. Emptiness is a magnificent work of art!

Malachite is considered to be a stone of transformation, protection, healing, and travel, and enhances one's connection to all plant life. It is considered to be a stone of the material plane, and is used to maintain a connection with friends, family, and loved ones who are separated by distance.

It has been used to protect from the Evil Eye, to enhance intuition and visions, to ward against negative events, and it is commonly believed to protect from impending danger by breaking into pieces. Malachite absorbs negativity and pollutants from the body and the environment, protects from all types of radiation, and clears harmful electromagnetic pollution while healing earth energies in its surroundings. It also helps to protect one from noise, excessive fluorescent lighting, and negativity conveyed through communications such as phone calls and messages, and emails.

Malachite is used to protect during traveling, and to release fear and anxiety of flight and of new places and experiences. It assists to negate jet lag, and brings protection in heavy traffic, moving ahead on one's route to facilitate pleasant traveling experiences and protect from accidents.

Malachite helps one adjust to changes. It encourages, and reveals blockages to, spiritual growth, and helps to identify and release detrimental thinking and behavior patterns. Malachite teaches one to communicate and express their true feelings, helps to overcome shyness and self-doubt, and brings the lesson of being responsible for one's thoughts and actions. Malachite supports friendship and empathy for others.

Malachite stimulates clarity of thought and strengthens memory, and is especially helpful with short term memory issues. It helps to alleviate depression and to bring healing to areas of emotional abuse, especially that which has been experienced during childhood. Malachite directs one to find mutually beneficial relationships with others based in love rather than desire.

Malachite assists in healing of the physical and emotional bodies. It helps these bodies to eliminate toxins and discordant energies and gives revitalizing life force energy to the body and aura.

Malachite is useful for regulating menstrual cycle, cramps, and easing labor. Known as the Midwife Stone, its energies are particularly helpful for the female reproductive system. Malachite is useful for treating stomach conditions, sexual dis-ease, malaria, relieving cold sweats, trembling and Parkinson's disease, and helps with asthma, intestinal problems and pain in the back and extremities. Malachite assists those dealing with osteoarthritis, especially of the spine, can be used to help treat kidney and gallstones, and is used as a diuretic.

Malachite lowers blood pressure, treats epilepsy, travel sickness, and vertigo. It assists to regulate healing of fractures and broken bones, swollen joints, growths and tumors, and torn muscles. Malachite bolsters the immune system and stimulates the liver to release toxins.

NOTE: Malachite contains copper which is toxic. Malachite should only be used in it's polished form. Handle druse or massive rough specimens with caution. Avoid creating dust which should not be ingested or inhaled. Do not place malachite in the mouth. Do not make and use a malachite elixir. Handling polished malachite does not present health risks, but inhaling malachite dust is dangerous. As a gem, malachite is better suited to necklaces, pendants, earrings, and brooch types of jewelry as opposed to rings and bracelets which are much more likely to be damaged.

NOTE: Skullis offers information for reference. Skullis does not prescribe treatment for medical issues.

Malachite MalachiteMalachite

ORIGIN: Zambia HARDNESS: 3.75 NATURAL: 100% natural
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  1. Malachite Crystal Skull with Matrix Sculpture

  2. Malachite Crystal Skull with Matrix Sculpture

  3. Malachite Crystal Skull with Matrix Sculpture

  4. Malachite Crystal Skull with Matrix Sculpture

  5. Malachite Crystal Skull with Matrix Sculpture

  6. Malachite Crystal Skull with Matrix Sculpture

  7. Malachite Crystal Skull with Matrix Sculpture

  8. Malachite Crystal Skull with Matrix Sculpture

  9. Malachite Crystal Skull with Matrix Sculpture

  10. Malachite Crystal Skull with Matrix Sculpture

  11. Malachite Crystal Skull with Matrix Sculpture

  12. Malachite Crystal Skull with Matrix Sculpture

  13. Malachite Crystal Skull with Matrix Sculpture