July 29, 2014 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Pipe Skull - Coral Fossil Carved Crystal Skull Sculpture

July 29, 2014 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Pipe Skull - Coral Fossil Carved Crystal Skull Sculpture

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Size:7.9"x4.0"x7.7"(200x102x195 mm)


Material:Coral Fossil

Pipe Skull is a fossilized coral specimen from Indonesia. Once again Steven Z. has worked his stone magic and created an extreme statement from his artistic insight and perspective of the natural world. At just under eight inches tall, it is a fascinating sample of an ancient life form preserved by circumstance. A combination of required conditions at just the right parameters has resulted in an immortalizing of this inhabitant of a prehistoric ocean. As yet Skullis is unable to determine the genus of this coral fossil. Despite this fact, the Pipe Skull coral fossil crystal skull sculpture is both fascinating and bizarre at the same time, an extremely unique carving that intrigues and sparks the imagination.

Pipe Skull crystal skull is definitely adhering to the principals of colonial existence. Fully involved with its companions, Pipe Skull hosts several individuals of the collection just as they do in reciprocation. Pipe Skull shares the energizing concept of working together in harmony. It persuades one to recognize the truth that, while one can be independent and self sustaining, joining with others can result in not only achieving greater personal accomplishments than one could by oneself, but also, and more importantly, it can become a mutually beneficial experience where one is directly accredited with giving help and support, empowering others to grow and move forward in their life and spiritual experience as well. Pipe Skull symbolizes selflessness and service to others and the path toward attaining that state of being as one’s central life focus. The Pipe Skull coral fossil crystal skull sculpture is intended to encourage every person, while involved with doing what is required to provide for ourselves, to also be aware of the others around us, and alert to the opportunities we may have to give freely and unconditionally, without expectations of receiving anything in return, with the understanding that what we do in helping others actually benefits one’s self more than can possibly be imagined.

Coral symbolizes tact and working together for the greater good through combined action and effort. Coral teaches community, harmony, and cooperation. Coral also symbolizes protection, friendship, balance, and wisdom, as well as passion and all types of love.

Coral enhances creativity, optimism, enthusiasm, intuition, imagination, and visualization, and can stimulate and help develop one’s sense of appreciation of the natural world. Coral enables one to see how an individual complements the greater picture as a vital part of the world as a whole. It also allows for a greater understanding of cause and effect in one’s personal experiences, providing for seeing and comprehending examples of how the energies that one sends out directly relate to the energy that returns from the universe.

Coral is especially helpful during hardship and difficult learning experiences, and conveys the message that this too shall pass. Coral provides endurance and strength to weather the storm, calming the emotions and bringing peace, and encouraging one to accept and adapt to changes gracefully. Coral encourages growth and compassion, and assists one to learn and retain new knowledge.

Coral combines the elemental energies of fire, water, and earth, allowing for the tempering of emotions and for finding peace at all levels of existence. Coral absorbs and filters negative energies and can become a source of positive energy exchange, bringing purification and vitality to the body and the environment. Coral provides connections with the sun and the moon, the ocean, and the earth, and the vast expression of life beings that live in and with the seas. Coral is extremely helpful to focus one’s intentions of healing the Earth and the oceans from the effects of pollutions and global warming.

Coral also acts to connect and harmonize one with plants and animals, and otherworldly, supernatural, and magical energies and beings. It assists one to communicate with these as well as with the spiritual masters of the past. Coral assists in clarifying and speeding communications with these energies, enabling a greater understanding of knowledge received.

Coral can be used to strengthen the skeletal, circulatory, and nervous systems. Coral is used to bring nourishment to the blood cells, to stimulate tissue regeneration, and to protect muscles from atrophy. Coral has been used to treat dis-ease of the spinal and alimentary canals and the thalamus.

White coral effectively opens and clears the crown chakra and aligns the major chakras of the body with the energies of the ethereal plane. White coral facilitates connection with the ethereal plane and stimulates the flow of energy to help dispel energy blockages in the body and to bring the aura to a state of wholeness. White coral enhances clairaudient skills and opens a channel for receiving information that will assist humanity.

White coral is used to revitalize and regenerate the cellular structure of the brain and the olfactory system. It can also be used to enhance the body’s ability to produce and utilize vitamin D, to utilize vitamin A and calcium, to stimulate production of red blood cells, and reinforce the healing process for broken bones.

Fossils, in the distant past, were believed to be seeds from the stars that were grown in the earth and as such, are considered to enhance telepathic communication with worlds of the past and with other worlds today. Fossils are used to enhance and intensify achievements in business and to diffuse quality and purity into an environment. Fossils can assist in letting go of habits and undesirable thought processes, and to be aware and considerate of new options and energies that are available.

Fossils are used for the treatment of conditions of the thymus, bones and skeletal system, issues of the hands and feet, and dis-ease involving atrophia. Fossils assists one to remain grounded, bringing balance, stability, and vitality and endurance. They assists in calming the mind, allowing the body to release stress so one may experience peace and comfort.

NOTE: Skullis does not prescribe treatment for medical issues. Skullis offers information for reference to assist with the selection and understanding of crystal skulls, including this coral fossil crystal skull sculpture.

Coral Fossil Coral FossilCoral Fossil

ORIGIN: Indonesia HARDNESS: 7.5 NATURAL: 100% natural
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