Jan 21, 2015 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - The Emperor Waits - Geode Agate Carved Crystal Skull and Scorpion with Black Onyx Eyes Sculpture

Jan 21, 2015 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - The Emperor Waits - Geode Agate Carved Crystal Skull and Scorpion with Black Onyx Eyes Sculpture

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Size:6.3"x3.9"x5.3"(159x100x135 mm)


Material:Geode Agate

The Emperor Waits is an agate geode from Brazil that has been sculpted into a remarkable crystal skull following the Super Realistic style perfected by Skullis Crystal Skulls. This stunning crystal skull is topped with a meticulously detailed carved Emperor scorpion with black onyx gemstone eyes. The combination of two classic images, the scorpion and the skull, gives The Emperor Waits a portentous presence with a suggestion that something momentous is soon to occur. The Emperor Waits measures 6.3 x 3.9 x 5.3 inches (159x100x135mm) and weighs a total of 4.29 pounds (1945g). The Emperor Waits is carved from a solid agate specimen displaying shades of blue and gray, areas of translucency, and a streak of white that reveals a small sampling of quartz crystal druse.

The Emperor Waits encourages us to have faith in ourselves, and to trust in our abilities to succeed in the many challenges we are faced with as we set aside our self doubt and uncertainty. When we choose to align our thoughts and actions with the harmonious flow of universal energy, the energy of The Emperor Waits crystal skull and scorpion sculpture helps facilitate the process by assisting us to further develop and direct our intuitive senses. The Emperor Waits invites us to take the time to experience a calm and relaxed state of consciousness in which we consider our intuition. This is done so we may learn to recognize the physical cues and emotional feelings that signal communication between our higher spiritual awareness and our mental orientation in the physical world. As we become more familiar with our perceptions of insight, we are able to gain a deeper level of understanding of ourselves, of others, of the various expressions and states of being we exist as, and also of the different worlds, times, and dimensions we simultaneously exist in.

The Emperor Waits agate geode crystal skull and scorpion also lend energy to the process of determining how to proceed when we find our ability to express love and compassion is not as easy as we would like it to be. The Emperor Waits reminds us of our interconnectedness at these times, helping us to remember there is never a need for judgment or disharmony with any other person or situation, due to the simple fact that together we are all a magnificent oneness and our experiences, successes, and failures, are shared collectively.

The Emperor Waits crystal skull and scorpion sculpture teaches us that no task is too great, and we can achieve what we desire when we are motivated to pursue spiritual growth and enlightenment. The Emperor Waits also helps us to understand that to work with others, and to ask for help, is a valuable lesson that benefits not just ourselves, but those we honor with our requests as well.

The symbolism of the scorpion is quite diverse. Foremost, scorpions represent change, death, and rebirth. They symbolize transformation and a different way of seeing the world and experiences, letting go of old habits and situations to make way for the new, including cutting away behaviors that enable those who are holding on to dependence of another instead of becoming self sufficient. Scorpions symbolize an affinity for solitude and independence, setting boundaries, and leaving that which is familiar and comfortable to move forward into new experiences.

Scorpions represent a person’s strength and the inspiration brought about by the showing of that strength. They represent sexuality and intense passion, and the ability to be vulnerable without embarrassment. The scorpion energy is fiercely protective and defensive when necessary, and if one is not careful, people with this energy can be verbally hurtful when provoked. Scorpions represent the importance of temperance and the need to practice patience, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Scorpions can also signify areas in life that are being avoided due to emotional distress and hurt attached to a` situation. Fortunately scorpions also are able to weather such experiences without experiencing permanent detrimental repercussions. The symbol of the scorpion can also suggest that caution is wise, with attention to issues that may be causing one to harbor discontent and fear that can result in these energies being expressed in a self destructive way. Again, the scorpion reminds one to accept, let go, and move onward with one’s growth processes.

In addition scorpions can represent the psychic ability of psychometry and one’s affinity for tactile sensations. They are symbols of clarification, focus and concentration, mysticism, mystery, secrecy, and stealth. Scorpions can represent the acquisition of knowledge, as well as healing, inspiration, and resilience. In many aspects scorpions symbolize life and vital energy and the preservation of such through protection. Scorpions represent a warning of danger and treachery, the detoxification and transformation of poisons, defensiveness and retaliation, rebellion and survival, strategy, boldness, and reflecting negativity back to its source. Scorpions are also considered to be protectors and defenders.

Agate has long been used as a stone of protection, to stimulate analytical capabilities and precision, for providing for perceptiveness to situations, and for awakening ones inherent talents and adroitness. It is also used to avert, and protect from, lighting and stormy weather (physically and metaphysically), and it is considered to be very effective for the protection of children, especially protecting children from falling.

It has also been used to produce inspiration from, and connectedness to, the spiritual worlds. Agate raises one's consciousness, builds self-confidence, and assists one in choosing one's friends carefully. Agate provides strength, helps us to have patience and courage, and its calming effect allows for finding inner peace.

Agate has been used to promote marital fidelity and stability within ceremonial activities, for balancing body, mind, emotions, spirit, and yin/yang energies, and as a stone of harmony and unification of all people. Agate symbolizes benevolence and good will, with these originating from the nurturing energy within the stone. Agate can alleviate hostility, irritability, and boredom, while enhancing one's generosity, responsiveness, and receptivity. Agate is often used as a gazing tool for divination and meditation. It assists in examination of the self and the learning situations that bring about growth. Agate also assists in abating stress and anxiety.

Agate is used to bring prosperity on all levels, and is considered an excellent stone for artists and students, as it amplifies creative and intellectual thinking.

Agate heightens and intensifies energy, sharing it when it is required, and storing energy when it is not needed, enhancing one’s durability and endurance. Agate gives one emotional strength, alleviates fears, and dispels envy and desire through the grounding of emotions. Agate teaches acceptance of one's thoughts and feelings which helps one to overcome the emotions one desires to be free of. Agate's nature of bringing harmony allows for removing and releasing bitterness, resentment, ill will, and the desire for vengeance and retaliation, teaching one to learn and practice forgiveness. In this way, agate heals and improves relationships.

Agate transforms negative energy to harmonious energy which cleans and balances the aura. It harmonizes the energy of the body with the energy of the Earth, grounding and strengthening one's connection with the planet.

Agate stimulates the digestive system and relieves gastritis, the inflammation of the lining of the stomach. Agate is used to strengthen sight, promoting a state of good health for the eyes, and has also been used to diminish thirst. It is connected to the optimal health of the hollow organs such as the heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, and uterus, and is used to heal skin disorders. It has been used to alleviate itching caused by insect bites. Agate assists the heart and blood vessels, strengthening the heart and also healing emotional discord that may be blocking one’s ability to accept love. Agate has been used to cure fever and reduce the symptoms of epilepsy, and may help some people with somnambulism. Agate is also used to cleanse the lymphatic system and the pancreas.

The geode represents fertility, creativity, mother earth energy, and protection, and is an excellent structure for grounding. Geodes have been used to increase fertility and creativity, offering powerful protection during pregnancy, childbirth, and also for small children. Geodes represent the Creatrix form of the goddess and connect the earth with the universe. Geodes also represent both the male and female reproductive systems, especially the womb. Geodes amplify the energies that are directed to them, including the energies of other stones and thought energy. They are considered effective at enhancing the harmony of family and the home, and the flow of chi, the life force energy.

Geodes enable one to see the larger picture when there are many things to attract one’s attention. They assist in helping one come to a decision and allow one to create one’s own future. Geodes are used to communicate with the spiritual realms and the greater powers, and are useful when practicing astral traveling. Geodes help one focus during meditation, bring calm and peace, eliminate stress, and enhance one’s natural psychic talents.

Geodes are used to address physical health conditions related to the hands, muscles, heart, bones, lungs, brain, and nervous system, and can be used to treat mental imbalances.

NOTE: Skullis does not prescribe treatment for medical issues. Skullis offers information for reference to assist with the selection and understanding of crystal skulls, including this agate geode crystal skull and scorpion sculpture.

Geode Agate Geode AgateGeode Agate

ORIGIN: Madagascar HARDNESS: 7 NATURAL: 100% natural
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