Jan 20, 2015 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Stop and Eat the Roses - Amethyst Agate Geode Carved Crystal Skull & Snail Sculpture, Realistic

Jan 20, 2015 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Stop and Eat the Roses - Amethyst Agate Geode Carved Crystal Skull & Snail Sculpture, Realistic

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Item ID:W4000290

Size:6.1"x4.8"x6.3"(155x121x160 mm)


Material:Amethyst Agate Geode

A play on the idiom about stopping to smell the roses, Stop and Eat the Roses takes a fun look at our lives as a perfectly carved snail journeys across the top of a beautiful hollow agate geode with a druzy interior lining of amethyst crystal terminations. The agate geode specimen from Brazil displays a beautiful array of subtly colored layers and measures 6.1 x 4.8 x 6.3 inches (155x121x160mm), and weighs 2.93 pounds (1330g). The geode chamber lies not only within the crystal skull, visible through several areas including both eyes and behind the teeth, but also extends into the snail and its shell above. The agate crystal skull and snail are intricately detailed, making this remarkable arrangement from Skullis designers and artists another wonderful piece of crystal skull artwork.

The Stop and Eat the Roses amethyst agate geode crystal skull and snail sculpture has a fun energy of happiness and lightheartedness, suggesting that we relax and not take things too seriously. There are plenty of opportunities to be serious, and of course we must all work to meet our responsibilities. At the same time, it is important that we take a break and appreciate our world, our life, our accomplishments, and ourselves. The Stop and Eat the Roses crystal skull emphasizes the value of reminding ourselves why we endeavor to achieve our goals, and of allowing ourselves to experience the rewards of our efforts.

Stop and Eat the Roses encourages us to fully experience our feelings and thoughts as we react to the world around us. When we take our time and pay attention to how we are affected by what we see and encounter, not only do we begin to develop a greater understanding of our world and of other people, but we also gain insight and wisdom about ourselves as well.

The Stop and Eat the Roses crystal skull helps us to understand that regardless of what we are experiencing, contemplating, or studying, there is always an element of natural beauty, fascination, and purpose for everything. Even the things that seem to have no positive aspects and serve no beneficial purpose are necessary, and if we are open to seeing it, actually do have good reasons for existing. The Stop and Eat the Roses crystal skull and snail sculpture helps us to understand this same principal is applicable to the people in our lives that we do not understand, and that we may find challenging to offer love and unconditional acceptance to.

Snails are considered to connect the environments of land and water, and so are also seen as symbolic of the relationship and connection between the spiritual and the physical worlds. Snails are sensitive and also represent patience, contentment, and the concepts of divine order and a perfect time for every experience and everything. The snail is a perfect symbol for abundance and plenitude, and is also associated with fertility, the balance of masculine and feminine aspects, the harmonious experience of life, the moon, and the cycles and passing of time. Snails symbolize protection and defense, safety and security, and accelerated healing, and so can be seen as symbols of independence, self assurance, and inner peace.

The spiral shell of the snail represents growth, development, evolution, and enlightenment, as well as the repeating cycle of life, regeneration, death, and reincarnation. The coiled nature of the snail's home is also seen by some as representative of the motion of the celestial bodies in the heavens, including the path of the moon around the earth, the earth as it orbits the sun, the solar system as it travels through the galaxy, and the cosmic journey of the galaxy through the universe. All of this coincides with the concept of moving with one's home, or, more accurately, being at home and secure as one moves through new experiences and opens oneself to encounter the unknown.

Many snails also exhibit a growth pattern that demonstrates the Golden Ratio. Having been discovered numerable times throughout recorded history, often by asking very simple and unrelated questions, the Golden Ratio, or Fibonacci Sequence, is a consistently repeated pattern of growth and evolution in nature. This Golden Ratio is considered one of the forms of Sacred Geometry which reflects the universe, its pure forms, and the dynamic relationship we share with nature - the inseparable relationship of the part to the whole. By studying the Sacred Geometry of one thing we find meaning and structural insight into the workings of the inner self and other processes of the universe. Incredibly this spiral growth pattern occurs over and over in the universe around us, from the molecular structure of our DNA, to most plants, including cauliflower, cacti and succulents, daisies and sunflowers, many, many trees, and pinecones and pineapples, to the shells of many invertebrates, and so on all the way out to the astronomical scale of the Milky Way and other distant galaxies! The shells demonstrating the Golden Ratio are considered to directly connect one to the Golden Mean Spiral energies to promote personal growth, self-awareness, and the evolutionary consciousness of the Earth and the higher consciousness we all share.

Amethyst, due to its royal purple color, has long been a valued crystal despite being commonly available. Historically amethyst has been used to dispel intoxication and all aspects of overindulgence, including gambling, bad investing decisions, and overspending. Amethyst is used to dispel negative energies within one’s self, in others, in one’s environment, and in the earth. It protects from psychic and paranormal attack and negative thoughts directed at an individual, transforming the negative energy into loving positive energy and returning it to its source. Amethyst is also used for promoting prosperity and good fortune. Amethyst is used to amplify creativity and so is considered an excellent stone for artists of all mediums. Amethyst prompts, and helps one to combine, spiritual insight and intellectual reasoning, allowing for one to benefit from the results of this process by enabling the application of unconventional and original concepts, and through the successful completion of tasks and goals.

For centuries amethyst has retained its association of being a stone of spirituality, and as being an effective crystal to keep one grounded, and also oriented in spiritual thought. It is considered to be an excellent stone for attaining and maintaining a connection to the Divine, creating an energy of pious calm and instilling a sense of mental peace and quietude. Amethyst clears the aura of negative energy and forms a Light shield around the body which enables one to be clear, centered, and open to spiritual guidance at the same time. Amethyst is also used to expedite development of the intuition and psychic talents.

Other beneficial properties of amethyst in regards to emotional states include giving comfort during the experience of grief from loss, regulating excessive tendencies towards passion, and again, providing peace and a calming energy. It is effective at transforming negative energy to positive energy, allowing for the enhancement of inspiration and meditation. Amethyst also encourages one to take action, resulting in achieving one’s goals.

Mentally amethyst heightens intellectual perception and intelligence. It is used to attain wisdom and deeper understanding. Amethyst has been used to control and overcome evil thoughts, to enhance creative thinking, passion, imagination, and intuition, and for refining thought processes. Amethyst aids in the assimilation of new ideas and helps one to find focus and success.

Amethyst has been used as a protection stone for travelers to ward against treachery and surprise attacks, and is considered a powerful psychic stone of protection against witchcraft and black magic. Amethyst is also used to protect from disease and illness. It calms and soothes, relieves insomnia, and stimulates positive dream experiences while preventing nightmares.

Amethyst is considered to be one of the most effective healing crystals and is commonly used to alleviate headaches. Amethyst is particularly effective for treating disorders of the skin, digestive tract and stomach, heart, teeth, and skeletal structure, also helping to encourage proper posture. It boosts hormone production, and bolsters the immune system. It is useful for treating hearing disorders and the symptoms of tinnitus. Amethyst vitalizes the sympathetic nervous system and the endocrine glands, optimizing their functioning. It effectively reduces pain, swelling, bruising, and brings relief from headaches and migraines. An amethyst elixir can be used to treat arthritis, and for all other disorders as well.

Amethyst brings a peaceful and pacifying energy to the neural impulses of the brain. It is used to resolve insomnia, especially when the condition is caused by an excess of mental activity. Amethyst lessens and removes stress, anxiety, and nervous tension, stabilizes brain activity and imbalances, and is used to counter psychic disturbances.

Agate has long been used as a stone of protection, to stimulate analytical capabilities and precision, for providing for perceptiveness to situations, and for awakening ones inherent talents and adroitness. It is also used to avert, and protect from, lighting and stormy weather (physically and metaphysically), and it is considered to be very effective for the protection of children, especially protecting children from falling.

It has also been used to produce inspiration from, and connectedness to, the spiritual worlds. Agate raises one's consciousness, builds self-confidence, and assists one in choosing one's friends carefully. Agate provides strength, helps us to have patience and courage, and its calming effect allows for finding inner peace.

Agate has been used to promote marital fidelity and stability within ceremonial activities, for balancing body, mind, emotions, spirit, and yin/yang energies, and as a stone of harmony and unification of all people. Agate symbolizes benevolence and good will, with these originating from the nurturing energy within the stone. Agate can alleviate hostility, irritability, and boredom, while enhancing one's generosity, responsiveness, and receptivity. Agate is often used as a gazing tool for divination and meditation. It assists in examination of the self and the learning situations that bring about growth. Agate also assists in abating stress and anxiety.

Agate is used to bring prosperity on all levels, and is considered an excellent stone for artists and students, as it amplifies creative and intellectual thinking.

Agate heightens and intensifies energy, sharing it when it is required, and storing energy when it is not needed, enhancing one’s durability and endurance. Agate gives one emotional strength, alleviates fears, and dispels envy and desire through the grounding of emotions. Agate teaches acceptance of one's thoughts and feelings which helps one to overcome the emotions one desires to be free of. Agate's nature of bringing harmony allows for removing and releasing bitterness, resentment, ill will, and the desire for vengeance and retaliation, teaching one to learn and practice forgiveness. In this way, agate heals and improves relationships.

Agate transforms negative energy to harmonious energy which cleans and balances the aura. It harmonizes the energy of the body with the energy of the Earth, grounding and strengthening one's connection with the planet.

Agate stimulates the digestive system and relieves gastritis, the inflammation of the lining of the stomach. Agate is used to strengthen sight, promoting a state of good health for the eyes, and has also been used to diminish thirst. It is connected to the optimal health of the hollow organs such as the heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, and uterus, and is used to heal skin disorders. It has been used to alleviate itching caused by insect bites. Agate assists the heart and blood vessels, strengthening the heart and also healing emotional discord that may be blocking one’s ability to accept love. Agate has been used to cure fever and reduce the symptoms of epilepsy, and may help some people with somnambulism. Agate is also used to cleanse the lymphatic system and the pancreas.

The geode represents fertility, creativity, mother earth energy, and protection, and is an excellent structure for grounding. Geodes have been used to increase fertility and creativity, offering powerful protection during pregnancy, childbirth, and also for small children. Geodes represent the Creatrix form of the goddess and connect the earth with the universe. Geodes also represent both the male and female reproductive systems, especially the womb. Geodes amplify the energies that are directed to them, including the energies of other stones and thought energy. They are considered effective at enhancing the harmony of family and the home, and the flow of chi, the life force energy.

Geodes enable one to see the larger picture when there are many things to attract one’s attention. They assist in helping one come to a decision and allow one to create one’s own future. Geodes are used to communicate with the spiritual realms and the greater powers, and are useful when practicing astral traveling. Geodes help one focus during meditation, bring calm and peace, eliminate stress, and enhance one’s natural psychic talents.

Geodes are used to address physical health conditions related to the hands, muscles, heart, bones, lungs, brain, and nervous system, and can be used to treat mental imbalances.

NOTE: Skullis does not prescribe treatment for medical issues. Skullis offers information for reference to assist with the selection and understanding of crystal skulls, including this amethyst agate geode crystal skull and snail sculpture.

Amethyst Agate Geode Amethyst Agate GeodeAmethyst Agate Geode

ORIGIN: Brazil HARDNESS: 7 NATURAL: 100% natural
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  1. Amethyst Agate Geode Crystal Skull & Snail Sculpture

  2. Amethyst Agate Geode Crystal Skull & Snail Sculpture

  3. Amethyst Agate Geode Crystal Skull & Snail Sculpture

  4. Amethyst Agate Geode Crystal Skull & Snail Sculpture

  5. Amethyst Agate Geode Crystal Skull & Snail Sculpture

  6. Amethyst Agate Geode Crystal Skull & Snail Sculpture

  7. Amethyst Agate Geode Crystal Skull & Snail Sculpture

  8. Amethyst Agate Geode Crystal Skull & Snail Sculpture

  9. Amethyst Agate Geode Crystal Skull & Snail Sculpture

  10. Amethyst Agate Geode Crystal Skull & Snail Sculpture

  11. Amethyst Agate Geode Crystal Skull & Snail Sculpture

  12. Amethyst Agate Geode Crystal Skull & Snail Sculpture

  13. Amethyst Agate Geode Crystal Skull & Snail Sculpture

  14. Amethyst Agate Geode Crystal Skull & Snail Sculpture

  15. Amethyst Agate Geode Crystal Skull & Snail Sculpture

  16. Amethyst Agate Geode Crystal Skull & Snail Sculpture

  17. Amethyst Agate Geode Crystal Skull & Snail Sculpture

  18. Amethyst Agate Geode Crystal Skull & Snail Sculpture

  19. Amethyst Agate Geode Crystal Skull & Snail Sculpture

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