Huge 5.0

Huge 5.0" Petrified Wood Carved Crystal Skull,Super Realistic, Crystal Healing

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Size:5.0"x3.3"x3.7" (126x83x95 mm)


Material:Petrified Wood

You are looking at a Petrified Wood skull. The skull is 5.0 inches long, from front to back. This "stone" is most noted in helping us to investigate past-life experiences. Makes the user more aware of nature. It is a warm earthy stone, which is used at the Root Chakra, encouraging ones survival instincts and is grounding. Petrified Wood is also believed to energize the Heart Chakra. In mythological times, petrified wood was believed to possess divine power and to this day, stands as a symbol of man's true connection to the natural world. This stone helps with mental longevity, helping to sooth emotions, generating calm and relieves stress.

Petrified WoodPetrified Wood

ORIGIN: Xinjiang, China HARDNESS: 7 NATURAL: 100% natural
The skull pictured is the exact one you will receive.

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  1. Petrified Wood Crystal Skull

  2. Petrified Wood Crystal Skull

  3. Petrified Wood Crystal Skull

  4. Petrified Wood Crystal Skull

  5. Petrified Wood Crystal Skull

  6. Petrified Wood Crystal Skull

  7. Petrified Wood Crystal Skull