Gemstone 3.4

Gemstone 3.4" Ruby Carved Crystal Skull,Super Realistic, Crystal Healing

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Size:3.4"x2.2"x2.8" (86x57x70 mm)



You are looking at a Ruby skull. The skull is 3.4 inches long, from front to back. Ruby is a powerful heart stone, opening and activating the heart chakra. Ruby protects against the loss of heart energy, and dissolves emotional congestion. A powerful heart healer, Ruby heals and balances emotions, makes you more emotionally aware, and helps you connect to others emotionally. The intense and vivid energy of Ruby stimulates loving emotions, helps with the expression of love, and can facilitate states of passion and bliss. Ruby helps us to see the true nature of love, and reveals the Divine Love in every thing in the Universe. Using Ruby can help you open up to and receive this Divine Love, as well as become a vehicle through which Divine Love can flow to others. Protective Ruby can help shield against psychic and emotional attacks. Ruby is a good stone for Aries, Cancer, and Leo.

Ruby RubyRuby

ORIGIN: Burma HARDNESS: 9 NATURAL: 100% natural
The skull pictured is the exact one you will receive.

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