Feb 2, 2015 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Visitors in the Garden - Agate Carved Crystal Skull in Leaves with Spider with White Chalcedony Stand Sculpture

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Size:2.4"x2.4"x4.6"(61x60x116 mm) 2.8"x2.4"x3.0"(70x61x76 mm)



Visitors in the Garden is an amazing sculpture designed from an agate specimen from Brazil featuring a crystal skull resting on a skeletal hand, seemingly engrossed in observation. The crystal skull is embraced by large leaves with areas of transparent edges that have been carved from a white layer of the agate. On one side a spider carved from the adjacent dark translucent layer of the agate explores the world around it. This stunning single piece agate sculpture is held erect by a custom carved specimen of white chalcedony from Xinjiang, China which has been polished in some areas, creating a stark contrast with the natural rough surface of the specimen. The overall effect of this magnificent Visitors in the Garden crystal skull sculpture is one of awe and astonishment at the superb talents of the designers and artists of Skullis Crystal Skulls.

The Visitors in the Garden agate crystal skull sculpture measures 2.4 x 2.4 x 4.6 inches (61x60x116mm). The white chalcedony specimen stand measures 2.8 x 2.4 x 3.0 inches (70x61x76mm), and the combined weight of both pieces is 1.18 pounds (535g).

The Visitors in the Garden agate crystal skull and spider with white chalcedony stand sculpture helps us to establish a clear, intimate connection with the Earth and the many energies and life forms we share our beautiful planet with. This beautiful sculpture serves to inspire us to willingly choose to be bearers of blessings and love to all of our world, and to graciously accept these blessings when they are also offered to us.

Visitors in the Garden encourages us to take the time to observe the natural world around us with the understanding that as we affect the environment with our physical actions and habits, we can also enact changes by the energy of our will, our thoughts and visualizations, and our energetic expressions and intentions. The Visitors in the Garden crystal skull inspires us to hold within our hearts our ideal concept of our Earth in a perfect state of health and harmony.

The Visitors in the Garden agate crystal skull reminds us that we can find a natural beauty in most everything we find in our environment when we allow our minds to be open to seeing and accepting things in ways we may not have allowed or considered before. Visitors in the Garden shares an energy that encourages us to be loving and gentle as we move through the world, bringing through ourselves more love, joy, and kindness to every person we meet and every place and life we are fortunate enough to share time with.

Spiders are symbols of the nurturing and creative feminine energies, of protection, openness and impartiality, sensitivity, and of patience. They also represent ingenuity, diversity, increased awareness and higher consciousness, cunning, resourcefulness, mystery, and power. The spider is in tune with the flow of life and energy, moves in harmony and unity with the world, and creates intricately beautiful concepts and ideas that are also powerful and strong.

Spiders represent, and encourage one's awareness of, the decisions and choices one makes in life and how these have an effect on one's life, and others, in the present as well as in the future. The spider brings the awareness of the interconnectedness of all things, including the application of one's creative thoughts and energies that result in manifestations in one's life experiences and physical reality.

Spiders also represent the infinite. Immortality, the progress of time, cycles, growth and evolution, birth and rebirth, death, and fate are all concepts associated with the spider. They can also be indicative of the negative aspects of oneself and of life, representing those less desirable traits that are repressed and rejected.

Different Native American Indian beliefs attribute the spider to be the Grandmother, a teacher and protector of mystical knowledge and wisdom, and the creator of the world, and also consider the spider as a protector from storms.

In India the spider, associated with Maya, is considered to be unlimited and without form, and is a symbol of the illusion created by appearances, teaching the understanding that things are not always what they appear to be.

Ancient Egyptians viewed the spider as a symbol of Neith, a dynamic goddess associated with hunting, creation, and daily re-creation of dawn and dusk, as the mother goddess and the personification of the ancient waters of creation. Neith eventually came to be associated with the craft of weaving, leading to an amalgamation with the goddess Athena who wove the world and existence into being with her loom.

Agate has long been used as a stone of protection, to stimulate analytical capabilities and precision, for providing for perceptiveness to situations, and for awakening ones inherent talents and adroitness. It is also used to avert, and protect from, lighting and stormy weather (physically and metaphysically), and it is considered to be very effective for the protection of children, especially protecting children from falling.

It has also been used to produce inspiration from, and connectedness to, the spiritual worlds. Agate raises one's consciousness, builds self-confidence, and assists one in choosing one's friends carefully. Agate provides strength, helps us to have patience and courage, and its calming effect allows for finding inner peace.

Agate has been used to promote marital fidelity and stability within ceremonial activities, for balancing body, mind, emotions, spirit, and yin/yang energies, and as a stone of harmony and unification of all people. Agate symbolizes benevolence and good will, with these originating from the nurturing energy within the stone. Agate can alleviate hostility, irritability, and boredom, while enhancing one's generosity, responsiveness, and receptivity. Agate is often used as a gazing tool for divination and meditation. It assists in examination of the self and the learning situations that bring about growth. Agate also assists in abating stress and anxiety.

Agate is used to bring prosperity on all levels, and is considered an excellent stone for artists and students, as it amplifies creative and intellectual thinking.

Agate heightens and intensifies energy, sharing it when it is required, and storing energy when it is not needed, enhancing one’s durability and endurance. Agate gives one emotional strength, alleviates fears, and dispels envy and desire through the grounding of emotions. Agate teaches acceptance of one's thoughts and feelings which helps one to overcome the emotions one desires to be free of. Agate's nature of bringing harmony allows for removing and releasing bitterness, resentment, ill will, and the desire for vengeance and retaliation, teaching one to learn and practice forgiveness. In this way, agate heals and improves relationships.

Agate transforms negative energy to harmonious energy which cleans and balances the aura. It harmonizes the energy of the body with the energy of the Earth, grounding and strengthening one's connection with the planet.

Agate stimulates the digestive system and relieves gastritis, the inflammation of the lining of the stomach. Agate is used to strengthen sight, promoting a state of good health for the eyes, and has also been used to diminish thirst. It is connected to the optimal health of the hollow organs such as the heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, and uterus, and is used to heal skin disorders. It has been used to alleviate itching caused by insect bites. Agate assists the heart and blood vessels, strengthening the heart and also healing emotional discord that may be blocking one’s ability to accept love. Agate has been used to cure fever and reduce the symptoms of epilepsy, and may help some people with somnambulism. Agate is also used to cleanse the lymphatic system and the pancreas.

Chalcedony is known as a stone of brotherhood and fellowship. It brings people together, promoting a sense of unification and camaraderie that encourages people to act with warmth and equality toward one another, regardless of their differences. It is also a stone of motherhood, with a nurturing energy that promotes kindness and compassion. Chalcedony inspires love and acceptance, peace, harmony, cheerful optimism, openness, sympathy, empathy, and enthusiasm. Chalcedony enhances all aspects of one's charitable thoughts, actions, and generosity, and teaches that one does not need to possess worldly goods to share their wealth of love and support with others. Chalcedony symbolizes friendship, service, selflessness, and good will.

Chalcedony opens the mind to new ways of thinking, new perspectives, and original ideas. It is an excellent stone to use for all types of meditation. It can be used for sending and receiving thoughts, will, and energies. It encourages spiritual growth, introspection, and meditation, and brings a calming peace. The energy of chalcedony naturally brings balance to the spirit, the emotions, the physical body, and the mind. Chalcedony brings vitality, stamina, endurance, and hardiness to one's life, energizing and increasing the mind and body.

Chalcedony eliminates aggression and anger, annoyance, impatience, and pensive depression. It protects one from anxiety, emotional turmoil and undesirable negative energies. Chalcedony absorbs and disperses negativity before it can affect a person or be passed on. It eliminates self doubt, negative thought processes and emotions, bad moods, obsessive jealousy, and bad dreams. In ancient times chalcedony was believed to ward against phantoms and visions of the night.

Chalcedony encourages intellectual thinking and emits a gentle energy that allows one to consider the effects one's words may have before one speaks.

Early seafarers wore amulets of chalcedony to prevent drowning. Assyrians and Babylonians used seals, signets, and cylindrical pendants engraved with symbols as a form of protection and to legitimize contracts of agreements with imprints from these. Native Americans used chalcedony as a sacred stone to bring stability to ceremonial activities of the tribes. It is also used as a stone of protection for travelers.

Chalcedony is a type of quartz, composed of crystals so small only examining thin slices under a microscope will reveal the polarized light effect caused by the crystals. Common types of chalcedony are agate, bloodstone, chrysoprase, carnelian, chert, flint, jasper, onyx, sardonyx, touchstone, and petrified wood.

Chalcedony vitalizes the body with physical energy and stamina and protects against general weakness. It is used for bringing healing to the eyes, bones, and gallbladder. It is also effective for treating the circulatory system and blood related issues, including disorders of the blood and spleen, treating chilblains, and to help to remove and prevent build up of materials in the veins.

Chalcedony is used to treat dementia, reverse and remove the effects of senility, and to increase mental stability. It is also used for treating somnambulism and issues that affect one's sense of balance.

NOTE: Skullis does not prescribe treatment for medical issues. Skullis offers information for reference to assist with the selection and understanding of crystal skulls, including this agate crystal skull in leaves with spider and white chalcedony stand sculpture.

ORIGIN: Brazil HARDNESS: 7 NATURAL: 100% natural
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