Feb 16, 2015 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - The Center of Peace - Indian Agate Carved Crystal Skull with Roses and Black Obsidian Vase Stand Sculpture

Feb 16, 2015 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - The Center of Peace - Indian Agate Carved Crystal Skull with Roses and Black Obsidian Vase Stand Sculpture

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Size:3.6"x3.3"x7.1"(91x85x181 mm) 3.3"x2.6"x3.0"(84x66x76mm)


Material:Indian Agate

The Center of Peace is a striking sculpture featuring an Indian agate crystal skull arrayed in a flourish of red roses and displayed in a black obsidian vase. The Indian agate specimen is primarily green and red and shows the incredible talent of Skullis designers and artists to work with the natural features of a crystal, as most of the red areas of the specimen have been sculpted into blooming red roses. The Center of Peace crystal skull and roses is a single piece carving which is displayed in a black obsidian bowl shaped vase that has been perfectly designed to accommodate the base of the Indian agate sculpture. Together these create a magnificent and brilliant presentation of the fine artistry Skullis is famous for. The Center of Peace Indian agate carving measures 3.6 x 3.3 x 7.1 inches (91x85x181mm) and weighs 15.54 pounds (7050g). The black obsidian bowl shaped vase stand measures 3.3 x 2.6 x 3.0 inches (84x66x78mm) and weighs 8.71 pounds (3950g).

The Center of Peace crystal skull and roses sculpture invites us to bring the loving and joyful expression that we are as spiritual beings to our daily lives in our physical reality. The Center of Peace asks us to consider that the many aspects of a person are all merely extensions of the spiritual core. Consequently, it is natural that each extension reflects and resembles the source. We are encouraged to examine the areas of our lives that do not reflect our true nature, and to understand that we only experience these as long as we feel we have something to gain from them. The Center of Peace crystal skull suggests to us that the alternate rewards that come with emulating the loving and peaceful characteristics of our spirit will forever be far more than any benefits we may receive from choosing to experience negativity, resistance, and disharmony.

The Center of Peace crystal skull inspires us to focus on expressing our unlimited potential, reminding us that it is possible, while remaining grounded and centered in our physical body, to still have the ability to grow and become more and more emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually.

The rose is one of the most obvious symbols for love, and the immortality of love that will outlast time and death. It also symbolizes many aspects of love including passion, beauty, sensuality, and devotion. The rose represents different kinds of relationships, including friendship and intimate relationships, and has also been used to signify honor, faith, hope, new beginnings,

Indian agate is a multicolored form of chalcedony that is also referred to as fancy jasper. The colors include red, mauve, lilac, greens, blues, yellows, and more, and this crystal will usually display small spots of red inclusions similar to the red iron oxide markings in bloodstone.

The energy of Indian agate is calming and relaxing, offering protection, strengthening the body and emotions, and is also exceptionally beneficial in matters of healing. Indian agate gently inspires wholeness and serenity. It is helpful for finding solutions to issues and challenges, and can be used to achieve solutions that are mutually favorable to everyone involved.

Indian agate helps to keep one emotionally and mentally grounded, enhancing focus and concentration, and regulating one's emotional responses to an even and steady energy of expression. It helps one to process and release thinking patterns that may incite anger, frustration, anxiety, and dissension, and it also dispels stress, guilt, fear, and frustration. It quiets the overly active mind and emotional state, helping one to attain an impartial and intellectually sensible state of mind through which knowledge and wisdom can be accessed and utilized. Indian agate is especially helpful for organizing and combining multiple ideas, emotions, and thoughts to allow one to perceive the larger picture of a situation or concept.

It is also used to keep one focused in the present moment, helping to set aside futile and nonproductive emotional concerns pertaining to the past and future, and helping to concentrate on the current situation one is challenged with. Indian agate can be used to alleviate insomnia caused by excessive mental activity. It allows for the ease of entering a meditative state, and enhances one's ability to acquire knowledge, wisdom, and enlightenment. It also inspires creative thinking and ingenuity, as well as taking action to actualize these new ideas.

It brings an uplifting and energizing enthusiasm to those who share its environment, and enables one to find enjoyment in all, even mundane, activities. It helps to address the tendency to procrastinate and inspires one to take action towards accomplishing goals and completing the tasks one has begun. Indian Agate promotes vision questing and shamanic journeys, and assists one to remember and understand dreams.

It helps to harmonize and unify, allowing one to disagree with others while understanding their opinions are correct for them even if they are opposite to one's personal values. Indian agate inspires people to be compassionate and to help others, and lends strength and endurance when faced with disagreements that are required experiences which lead to personal growth. It engenders one's inner strength and self esteem, bringing honesty, confidence in oneself, and courage to directly address challenges. It is a particularly good stone for bringing energies of wholeness and healing to an environment or situation.

Indian agate balances and brings the chakras into alignment. It brings one's aura into balance and alignment with the body, helping to remove attached entities and constructs that attempt to leech one's energies, and to close and repair any damaged areas. It brings the Yin and Yang energies into balance, and absorbs and also transmutes negative energies to nurturing and productive energy.

Indian agate protects the ethereal, mental, emotional, and physical bodies from harm, helps to prevent injuries, and is particularly effective for protecting physical and ethereal travelers. It can be used to ward against biting and stinging insects and parasites of all types.

Indian agate promotes overall well being and optimal health, and can be used for all aspects of healing. It is helpful for the recovery process after experiencing long term illness. It strengthens the immune system and facilitates tissue regeneration. It is useful for preventing and treating cold, flu, viral infections, and other similar forms of dis-ease. It has been used specifically to address disorders of the liver, stomach, and gallbladder, and is also used to treat conditions involving the tissues and organs of the reproductive system and the urinary system.

Indian agate improves the assimilation of minerals and vitamins, helps to relieve nausea and upset stomach, and to speed the recovery from food poisoning. It is also effective for treating disorders of the stomach and digestive system.

Black obsidian has been used for scrying and facilitating intuition for thousands of years. It is an excellent stone to assist in seeing past illusion to discern truth, and to understand universal and spiritual laws, and oneself. Obsidian is considered an extremely effective stone of protection, and a very powerful energy mover, as well as an excellent filter for absorbing negativity from its surroundings. Obsidian can be programmed to transmute this negativity to a different expression of energy, or can be cleansed regularly by smudging with smoke, washing with running water, associating it with other crystals, and more methods.

Obsidian is effective for removal of blockages and bringing courage to face and overcome fears. Black obsidian is commonly considered to be quite powerful and caution is recommended when using it. It is wise to be prepared for the speed of the transfer of energy and information. Conscious programming prior to use is one way to address this quality of black obsidian. One explanation for the excessive power of obsidian could be the elemental forces at work during its formation. Volcanic lava, Earth and Fire, join with Water to cool the material so quickly there is no time for crystallization.

Black obsidian possesses an excellent grounding energy, and assists one to find and maintain a clear and focused mental acuity. It can help to temper emotional reactions and bring balance and consideration to one’s life and mental processes. It protects against negativity and assists one to release disharmony, resentment of self and others, and anger and fear caused by one’s reactions to the situations and challenges one faces as a part of life.

Physically black obsidian is used for pain relief and detoxifying the body. It speeds healing of wounds, improves circulation and brings warmth to the extremities, assists in the digestion processes, helps reduce cravings for foods, and can be helpful for reducing an enlarged prostate.

NOTE: Skullis does not prescribe treatment for medical issues. Skullis offers information for reference to assist with the selection and understanding of crystal skulls, including this Indian agate crystal skull and roses with black obsidian stand sculpture.

Indian Agate Indian AgateIndian Agate

ORIGIN: India HARDNESS: 7 NATURAL: 100% natural
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