Colorful Iridescent Titan 16.9" Fluorite Carved Crystal Skull, Realistic

US $2,999.95

Item ID: H8900000

Size:16.9"x11.0"x12.8" (430x280x325 mm)



A wood box will apply to ensure a safety shipping on this skull. You are looking at a Titan Fluorite skull. The skull is 16.9 inches long, from front to back. We specially saved a large piece of high quality fluorite for caving this titan skull, and were all amazed by its beauty when all the caving and polishing were done. It has a rainbow of colors all over its surface. When putting it under the sun, the light will get through it and be refracted into uncountable particles, which resulte in the glow with amazing colors. The best camera will still fail to freeze all the colors in one photo. So you get to see it with your own eyes. This stone is the master work of mother nature, and this skull is a master work of humankind in skull carving. It's our luck to have it with us.

ORIGIN: Zhejiang, China HARDNESS: 4 NATURAL: 100% natural
The skull pictured is the exact one you will receive. All pictures were taken in natural light.

You are welcome to save or print one or more pictures below as a certification of the skull's Skullis identity.