Apr 8, 2015 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - The Crystal Skull of Fire - Carnelian Geode Carved Crystal Skull Sculpture

Apr 8, 2015 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - The Crystal Skull of Fire - Carnelian Geode Carved Crystal Skull Sculpture

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Size:5.1"x4.1"x6.5"(130x105x164 mm)



The Crystal Skull of Fire is single piece sculpture carved from a deep orange and red translucent carnelian specimen from Brazil. The Crystal Skull of Fire stands within the flames created from the exterior of the crystal which displays fascinating fortification layer patterns that bring added life and character to the carved fire and crystal skull. Inside, the left side of the skull reveals an opening to a magnificent geode cavity lined with delicately colored translucent orange quartz crystals. This beautiful piece measures 5.1 x 4.1 x 6.5 inches (130x105x164mm) and weighs 2.3 pounds (1045g).

The Crystal Skull of Fire carnelian geode sculpture is another unique and very beautiful work of art created by master gemstone sculpture craftsman Mr. Mi, a long time member of the amazing group of artists at Skullis. Mr. Mi has more than thirteen years experience carving and sculpting gemstones and semiprecious stones. It was Mr. Mi who brought us the astounding The Skull Thinker kambaba jasper crystal skull sculpture.

The Crystal Skull of Fire brings positive energy and light to empower each of us to move forward and make the changes we may be hesitating to make. Helping us to understand that growth comes from letting go of the past, The Crystal Skull of Fire supports our efforts to do this while reassuring us that creating space in our hearts and minds will open us to receiving new and amazing experiences and opportunities on our path to enlightenment.

The Crystal Skull of Fire helps each of us to clear away any negativity we may be experiencing, bring purity and clarity to our thoughts, to our hearts, and to our environment. The energy of The Crystal Skull of Fire further acts to protect us from the discordant energies of others which may be directed toward us by conscious or unconscious intent. The Crystal Skull of Fire helps us to respond with grace and dignity by redirecting our tendencies to react and seek retribution, to instead have only a desire to respond by attempting to understand what misfortune may have lead another to such behavior. The Crystal Skull of Fire carnelian geode sculpture helps us to maintain an attitude of nonresistance from which we are able to offer to others our support and love.

Fire embodies the yang and masculine energies, moving and expanding upward and outward, dynamically persistent. Fire represents change, conversion, passion, active energy and taking action, inspiration, transformation, creativity, motivation, will power, drive, sensuality and sexuality, and authority and leadership.

Fire is dual natured, an element with which one must be careful when working with it. Being centered in positive energy and having motivations of good intent will help to ensure the proper use of fire. Fire brings creation, light, heat, warmth and comfort, safety, and purification. It encourages and expresses enthusiasm, bravery, and confidence as a leader. However, left unchecked and allowed complete freedom, fire becomes destructive and excessive, angry, volatile, and hurtful. It can become rebellious and hot-tempered, uncontrollable, self destructive, aggressive, impatient, restless, and impulsive.

To control the energy of fire is to control the emotions and one's reactions to life experiences so that one may benefit, learn about the world and oneself, and grow. Fire teaches us to regulate our thoughts and actions, and to become wise by carefully utilizing the knowledge we acquire and possess.

Fire instills passion to find one's calling in life and to pursue that which is desired. It expresses itself as joy, laughter, and playfulness. A person who embraces the spirit of fire will find joy and harmony with others though their charm and expressiveness, and they may also find entertainment in occasional mischief! Care must be taken with the emotions, as the element of fire brings with it excitability and rapid emotional transitions. If trapped in a negative outlook on life and issues, hate will be the expression of the fire energy within, whereas a positive perception will result in finding joy in the life experience, and a desire to share joy with others.

Spells that utilize the fire element will often be intended to affect healing, destroying dis-ease and illness, releasing negative thought processes and behaviors, directing sexual energy and expression, and purification. Candle magic can be used for bringing will and focus to achieving desired results, to bring calm and meditative energy, to send energy outward, and many other applications as well, including the purification and consecration of magical tools.

Everything that fire touches is changed in some way. Fire affects all other elements to some degree, often completely altering something so much that no recognizable trace of the original element remains. Yet without other elements fire cannot exist. In this sense fire gives life, heat, light, and sustenance, but it also possesses the potential to utterly consume, leaving only darkness behind, and this darkness includes the ending of the fire itself. Fire encourages responsibility, vigilance, and temperance to ensure a continued experience of joy and the highest good for all involved.

Carnelian instills leadership, initiative, stamina, courage and determination. It encourages a sense of community and practicality, values, morality, and generosity, and enhances one’s ability to communicate with refined articulation and persuasion. Carnelian is symbolic of sunrise and sunset, the transitory periods of the day that connects two realms. It brings balance, and shares the ability to understand people by seeing the world through their eyes and empathizing with them. Lighter shades of carnelian are representative of the feminine aspects of our being, while the darker shades are associated with masculine energies. Carnelian is used to amplify and strengthen love, passion, and desires, to enhance fertility, and can be used to aid in conception.

Carnelian brings energy and motivation to the mind as well, helping one to gain and maintain an optimistic outlook and leave behind feelings of disinterest and indifference. It can be used to access past life and Earth memory information, and it inspires an amplified love and gratitude of the natural world and its beauty.

Carnelian is used to stimulate one’s creative efforts, and is useful for inventors, architects, and builders of all kinds, as well as artists who work with three dimensional mediums. For those who work with words, both verbal and written, carnelian can help to bring structure and coordination to their compositions. It is a useful crystal for singers and speakers, and helps bolster self confidence for entertainers and performers.

It brings empowerment to help one overcome inconsiderate behavior of employers who take their working staff for granted and make impractical demands and unrealistic requirements. Carnelian also helps one to move past the experiences of any type of abuse, sexual inhibitions and anxieties, eating disorders, and mid-life crisis, and teaches one how to trust in oneself and one’s abilities of discernment. Carnelian teaches one to release the desire to control, and instead to allow the natural flow of universal energy work to achieve the highest good for all involved. It helps one to understand that the emotional state one chooses to experience directly affects the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Carnelian allows one’s natural talents to be activated, and enables one to see the truth that love is received when love is freely given.

Carnelian is a stone of good luck, prosperity, and resourcefulness. It is used to protect from accidents, specifically with tools, machines, and falling objects, and is used to ward off theft, dangerous weather conditions, fire, and accidents in homes and places of business.

Carnelian can be helpful in alleviating depression and replacing it with a love for life, in promoting better focus and concentration, and keeping one’s attention in the present moment rather than allowing the mind to wander and become distracted. Carnelian defends and prevents one’s own feelings of jealousy, possessiveness, anger, and animosity, and it provides protection from these feelings coming from other people.

It has been used to bring physical strength and coordination to the body and is very supportive for following exercise regimens. Carnelian also helps with bringing balance and stability in all aspects, and is an excellent mediator for the mind and body, helping to strengthen the connection between, and one’s understanding of, each of these. It enhances intuition, especially when the focus is on personal growth and one’s life purpose. It brings understanding of the temporary physical experience, helps one to release fears of death, and has been used to protect souls during transition to the next state of being.

Carnelian is a good stone for gaining general overall health. It has been used to prevent dis-ease and infection. It stimulates the blood supply for tissue and organs, regulating a proper fluidity of the blood, and enhances the body’s metabolism. It helps to treat and prevent blood disorders, nosebleeds, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids. It aids in treating the symptoms of menopause and menstruation. It helps to increase one’s apatite and can aid in the absorption of minerals, nutrients, and vitamins. Carnelian is also used to affect skin disorders and irritations, and speed the healing of ligament, bone and tissue damage. It also treats disorders of the nervous systems and of specific nerves, lower back issues, arthritis, rheumatism, and congestion. It is considered to be very helpful for negating inebriation from drugs and alcohol and for letting go of destructive behaviors.

The geode represents fertility, creativity, mother earth energy, and protection, and is an excellent structure for grounding. Geodes have been used to increase fertility and creativity, offering powerful protection during pregnancy, childbirth, and also for small children. Geodes represent the Creatrix form of the goddess and connect the earth with the universe. Geodes also represent both the male and female reproductive systems, especially the womb. Geodes amplify the energies that are directed to them, including the energies of other stones and thought energy. They are considered effective at enhancing the harmony of family and the home, and the flow of chi, the life force energy.

Geodes enable one to see the larger picture when there are many things to attract one’s attention. They assist in helping one come to a decision and allow one to create one’s own future. Geodes are used to communicate with the spiritual realms and the greater powers, and are useful when practicing astral traveling. Geodes help one focus during meditation, bring calm and peace, eliminate stress, and enhance one’s natural psychic talents.

Geodes are used to address physical health conditions related to the hands, muscles, heart, bones, lungs, brain, and nervous system, and can be used to treat mental imbalances.

NOTE: Skullis does not prescribe treatment for medical issues. Skullis offers information for reference to assist with the selection and understanding of crystal skulls, including this carnelian geode crystal skull sculpture.

Carnelian CarnelianCarnelian

ORIGIN: Brazil HARDNESS: 7 NATURAL: 100% natural
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