Apr 25, 2015 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Arrival of The Alien - Chamber Ammonite Fossil Carved Crystal Skull Sculpture

Apr 25, 2015 ACSAD (A Crystal Skull a Day) - Arrival of The Alien - Chamber Ammonite Fossil Carved Crystal Skull Sculpture

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Size:9.2"x2.9"x7.8"(233x74x198 mm)


Material:Chamber Ammonite Fossil

Skullis Crystal Skulls is very proud to present Steven Z.'s Arrival of The Alien crystal skull sculpture to the world! Inspired by the alien created by world famous Swiss artist H. R. Giger, from the 1979 Ridley Scott movie, "Alien", Skullis artist and designer Steven Z. has carved a stunning masterpiece from this chambered ammonite fossil from Madagascar.

The compressed ancient sea bed, now a solid stone matrix which holds the fossil, has been sculpted into a finely detailed mixture of a human skull and the alien's extended skull. Steven Z. dedicated an extensive amount of effort and care when creating the features of the crested skull and the technological appearance of the many conductive tubular structures, resulting in a remarkably detailed work of crystal skull art. Below the alien crystal skull, the chambered ammonite fossil has been polished to reveal the fascinating oak leaf suture patterns which mark the growth of the ammonite. The open chambers of the fossil are now encrusted with a druse of calcite crystal terminations which sparkle with reflected light. This amazing chamber ammonite fossil alien crystal skull sculpture is signed on the bottom by Steven Z. The sculpture measures 9.2 x 2.9 x 7.8 inches (233x74x198 mm) and weighs 6.22 pounds (2823 g).

More closely related to octopi, cuttlefish, and squid than the modern chambered nautilus, ammonites enjoyed a lengthy 175 million year existence in prehistoric oceans, with many genus and species rapidly evolving and disappearing during that time. Ammonites descended from the bacrites straight shelled cephalopods that lived around 415 million years in the past. The ammonites first arrive in the fossil record at a point of about 240 million years ago, surviving several extinction events. They continued until coming to their final extinction in company with the dinosaurs at 65 million years ago. The ammonite species fossils from the Upper Jurassic period deposits of Madagascar lived between 145 and 179 million years ago. It is believed that the majority of ammonite species inhabited the shallow, warm and temperate waters along the inner part of the continental shelves in around the world.

In order to create jobs in the country, Madagascar export law requires that all ammonite fossils from Madagascar be polished or altered in some way. Fortunately ammonites are much more lovely after this process. Here, under the shell. the interior of the ammonite has been revealed to show the amazingly complex and detailed growth pattern of the animal which has been replaced and preserved by calcite.

Having been discovered numerable times throughout recorded history, often by asking very simple and unrelated questions, the Golden Ratio, or Fibonacci Sequence, the consistently repeated pattern of nature growing and evolving, is represented here in this ancient fossil. This Golden Ratio is considered one of the forms of Sacred Geometry which reflects the universe, its pure forms, and the dynamic relationship we share with nature - the inseparable relationship of the part to the whole. By studying the Sacred Geometry of one thing we find meaning and structural insight into the workings of the inner self and other processes of the universe. Incredibly this spiral growth pattern occurs over and over in the universe around us, from the molecular structure of our DNA, to most plants, including cauliflower, cacti and succulents, daisies and sunflowers, many, many trees, pinecones and pineapples, shells of many invertebrates, and so on, all the way out to the astronomical scale of the Milky Way and other distant galaxies! The ammonite is considered to directly connect one to the Golden Mean Spiral energies to promote personal growth, self-awareness, and the evolutionary consciousness of the Earth and the higher consciousness we all share.

Metaphysically, ammonites are employed for gaining insight of where to begin a process, and to maintain sight of the whole picture while focusing on the individual steps of that process. They are used for protection, structure, and stability, and to transform negativity into a gentle, fluent energy. Ammonites are also used to assist one with relaxation and to provide support and minimize depression that can be associated with the re-birthing process. In Feng Shui, ammonites symbolize longevity, harmony, and virtue and are used for prosperity, improved flow of chi, detoxifying the body, and are used to bring about good health, happiness, and wisdom. Physically ammonites have been used to ease the birthing process, and for treatment of issues with the extremities of the body and the lungs.

Fossils, in the distant past, were believed to be seeds from the stars that were grown in the earth and as such, are considered to enhance telepathic communication with worlds of the past and with other worlds today. Fossils are used to enhance and intensify achievements in business and to diffuse quality and purity into an environment. Fossils can assist in letting go of habits and undesirable thought processes, and to be aware and considerate of new options and energies that are available.

Fossils are used for the treatment of conditions of the thymus, bones and skeletal system, issues of the hands and feet, and dis-ease involving atrophia. Fossils assists one to remain grounded, bringing balance, stability, and vitality and endurance. They assists in calming the mind, allowing the body to release stress so one may experience peace and comfort.

Calcite is an extremely versatile crystal, lending its energies and characteristics to many applications. Calcite gently magnifies energies from many sources including conscious direction and intentions, other gems and minerals, other similar tools, and also energies from the surrounding environment, to work together harmoniously. It refines the resulting experience by regulating higher and more dynamic energies and amplifying the more subtle ones. Calcite is an effective crystal of protection, grounding, and centering. Calcite is considered a stone of harmony, manifestation and prosperity, and is used to intensify the process and results of astral travel, intuition, and channeling. It is also considered to be a stone of wisdom and spirituality.

Calcite is especially effective at removing internalized attached negative energies, gently clearing and transmuting them into positive energy that can be utilized for productive purposes. This proclivity of calcite enables one to achieve forgiveness and acceptance, for oneself and for outside situations, allowing for the understanding of the reasons behind discordant behaviors. This clearing also applies to physical spaces, and calcite also opens, unblocks, and clears energy conduits, making it useful for clearing the chakras, various physical systems, mental processes, and the aura. Calcite can assist in releasing unproductive habits and thought patterns and give one the will to move forward in their endeavors. Calcite brings peace to its environment and those that share space with it.

Calcite provides support when experiencing mental changes and transitions, and it helps one to relax and remain emotionally calm and at peace. It enhances thinking processes and is considered an excellent crystal for students and researchers, promoting creativity and imagination as well. Calcite’s magnification of intellectual functions enables one to let go of fear and assists in reducing stress and anxiety. Calcite also aids in communication, bringing harmony to issues created by misunderstandings with others, helping to bring balance to relationships.

Calcite is considered to be an excellent healing crystal in all applications. It is most commonly used for treatment of issues pertaining to the skeleton and bones, and muscles and ligaments. It has been used to relieve arthritis, joint issues, and back pain. Calcite is used to promote optimal health of the teeth, eyes, the reproductive and intestinal systems, and to treat gallbladder dis-ease. It is also used to reduce the production of excessive mucous. Calcite is also considered to be very effective in the treatment of mental and emotional issues. Calcite makes an excellent tool for assisting with remote healing.

NOTE: Skullis does not prescribe treatment for medical issues. Skullis offers information for reference to assist with the selection and understanding of crystal skulls, including this chamber ammonite fossil alien crystal skull sculpture.

Chamber Ammonite Fossil Chamber Ammonite FossilChamber Ammonite Fossil

ORIGIN: Madagascar HARDNESS: 7 NATURAL: 100% natural
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