5.3" K9 Crystal Carved Crystal Skull & Dragon Sculpture, Crystal Healing

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Size:5.3"x3.4"x4.2" (134x86x106 mm)


Material:K9 Crystal

You are looking at a K9 Crystal skull. The skull is 5.3 inches long, from front to back. While perfect quartz crystal is nearly impossible to find and remarkably expensive, we've found K9 Crystal to be a great material for carving flawless crystal skulls. K9 Crystal is a borosilicate glass with a high refractive index making it ideal for premium chandeliers and aesthetic lighting. It has excellent clarity and is used for high quality prisms and optical lenses. It is also used for jewelry, decorative hardware, and laser etched art. Like lead crystal, K9 crystal accepts a perfect polish, and with about a 10% lead content it weighs nearly 15% less than some lead crystal. Also like lead crystal, K9 Crystal is not a natural crystalline formation, but a man-made material. Metaphysically, man-made materials can be controversial. Does it have metaphysical properties, or do only naturally occurring materials have beneficial characteristics and energies? Skullis will leave you to decide what works best for you, but we feel all materials have an energetic vibration, and so all materials can be considered useful. Almost every material we handle elicits a feeling from us. It's the difference between a paper cup, a plastic drinking glass, and a glass mug, or between a wooden stick and a metal rod. For example, we manipulate silver and gold to wear as jewelry, but we don't consider these to have lost their energetic properties. Natural or Man-made is a definition of the material, but only you can decide how this material feels and works for you. We encourage an open mind, and remind you that regardless of the material, it is only a tool to help us achieve our inherent potentials! Glass has been described as having a very fast, high frequency energy vibration that allows one to clearly focus one's attention and direct one's thoughts without distraction. Perhaps it would be good to have some grounding crystals on hand as well. Consult the properties of galena and quartz (silicon dioxide) for information about the constituents of K9 crystal. Try meditating with K9 crystal to gain insight and deeper understanding, and to enhance the fine details of your manifestation exercises. Go slow and see how it feels for you; this may be a good material for doing some major work.

K9 CrystalK9 Crystal

ORIGIN: man-made HARDNESS: NATURAL: Syethetic
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  1. K9 Crystal Crystal Skull & Dragon Sculpture

  2. K9 Crystal Crystal Skull & Dragon Sculpture

  3. K9 Crystal Crystal Skull & Dragon Sculpture

  4. K9 Crystal Crystal Skull & Dragon Sculpture

  5. K9 Crystal Crystal Skull & Dragon Sculpture

  6. K9 Crystal Crystal Skull & Dragon Sculpture

  7. K9 Crystal Crystal Skull & Dragon Sculpture

  8. K9 Crystal Crystal Skull & Dragon Sculpture

  9. K9 Crystal Crystal Skull & Dragon Sculpture

  10. K9 Crystal Crystal Skull & Dragon Sculpture