5.0" Howlite Carved Crystal Skull, Realistic, Crystal Healing

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Item ID:S0000963

Size:5.0"x3.3"x3.8" (128x85x97 mm)



You are looking at a Howlite skull. The skull is 5.0 inches long from front to back. The stone of emotional expression, howlite can be used to facilitate awareness, encourage calm communication by combining reason with patience and observation. Howlite gently absorbs and uplifts stress, tension, anxiety and emotional intensity due to emotional imbalance. Howlite works by helping one to build decency of character. It shows us how to be less selfish, confrontational and less critical. This is a good stone to help eliminate rage and anger. Howlite increases action, dissolves hesitation as it encourages ambition towards one's goals. Although this stone in white in pure form, Howlite is most effective on the HeartChakra center, bringing greater gentleness, patience and tact. Howlite has been used in the past for astral traveling and accessing past lives. It has a strong spiritual connection to the past, as it can lead you to a stronger spiritual future. This can be done by placing the stone at the Third EyeChakra. It therefore makes for a wonderful meditation stone.


ORIGIN: South Africa HARDNESS: 6 NATURAL: 100% natural
Below is a sample piece. Due to stones' natural characteristics, what you receive may be of some difference to this one. Each one is unique. And we guarantee all are of same quality.

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  1. Howlite Crystal Skull

  2. Howlite Crystal Skull

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